Two Reasons Why You Must Have a Mobile Friendly Website

Responsive web design is a totally new approach aimed at allowing the web page content to be viewed easily by moving as well as adjusting it according to the screen size. This design reformats the website’s page automatically depending on the type of device (desktop, mobile, tablet) they are being viewed on. All modern websites are designed using the responsive web design method so as to attract the viewers by providing them ease and accessibility.
If your website in an unresponsive one, and you wish to go for a responsive design, then ARTGRO is a web design company & marketing agency in Houston Can help you optimize your mobile site. For those who are still using the old design, here are the top 2 reasons as to why they must immediately switch towards a responsive design:
1- This is the “Smartphone Era”:

We are living in an era where more than 1.2 billion people are using their smartphones and tablets to browse the internet. To satisfy the needs of such a huge number of individuals (almost 80% of all the internet users), it has now become increasingly vital to create responsive websites that can adjust to multiple platforms.

2- Responsive Design Boosts SEO Ranking:

During the iSEO panel at SMX Advanced (June 2012), Google Webmaster trends Analyst Pierre Far announced certain clear recommendations on the mobile SEO. It was revealed by him that the sites which use responsive web design are preferred by Google as compared to the unresponsive ones. The underlying fact is that this method includes one single URL, thus making it easier for Google’s algorithms to assign indexing properties to the content. Furthermore, it increases Google’s efficiency when it crawls to your content because Google doesn’t need to crawl multiple pages and reduces the chances of on-page SEO errors.
What you need to understand is that having a separate mobile-template website is no longer an attractive feature. We live in a digitally connected world where smartphones are bridiging the physical and digital worlds. Every day, millions of users are taking variety of online and offline actions. To remain in competition, it is extremely important for business owners to provide their clients with easy-to-use mobile friendly experiences.
With the “Full Value of Mobile” calculator by Google, you can calculate the possible return from your mobile website. All it does is that it provides simple benchmarks that are helpful in estimating the value of your business that can be derived through a specific mobile design. Its easy to use, just give it a try!
We would love to know your thoughts and experiences regarding responsive design. Is it something you are working on or do you plan to do it in the near future? Do share with us in the comments sections!

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