Does Your Site Have a Responsive Design for Every Screen?

Consider the following scenarios. Every one of us have had experienced at least some of it:
You are browsing the internet on your smartphone. You click on the search result and are taken to a website that is hard to navigate; you are unable to find the desired information, or if by luck it contains that information, it is hardly readable.
ARTGRO is a website design company in Houston,Texas which helps build responsive websites for its customers. Our designs are innovative and easy-to-use. We develop websites that are consistent in appearance across multiple platforms thus providing quality products which rank higher in search engines.

What is a “Responsive Design”?

A webpage is said to have a responsive design if it allows the site’s layout to make changes in the screen size being used. In simple terms, a responsive design is one with:
“Its design and development responding to the user’s behavior as well as environment, based on the screen size, platform and orientation.”
This means your website has to remain user friendly by reformatting itself depending on the resolution and the type of device it is being displayed on. These can include:
• Smartphones
• Tablets
• Laptops
• Desktop computers
• Smart watches
• Visual devices such as the iPod Touch

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