Why Free Website Builders Is A Bad Idea You Should Avoid At All Cost

There are lots of advertisements from the free website builder companies that encourage you to build your website for free. Three of them are the most notable; Wix, Weebly and Squarespace. They are advertising everywhere…..facebook, Google, television, radio and even the Super Bowl. All of them giving the same message, “a FREE website for anyone” They tell you how easy it is for anyone to build his own website and to work effortlessly with it. No matter who you are or what you want, they say you can do it all very easily and without any cost.

Something that Comes to My Mind:

Something quite obvious is that how can they offer free services and yet make up an amount that is sufficient to place their ad during Super Bowl? In 2015 the rate for Super Bowl Commercials was $4.5 million for a 30 sec advertisement. That makes it quite obvious that there is nothing like free website build-up that they offer. Once you get into their services, you realize that not only you have to pay them a handful sum but the charges keep on increasing.

The Answer is Simple:

So, it is quite clear that they are not showing the true picture in their advertisements. You can check it out yourself by going to their website and by checking their prices over there. You will not be able to find the price tab very easily; you will have to search for it carefully. It might be somewhere at the end of the page or camouflaged with some other thing.

The Money Goes Away:

They will initially offer you quite a reasonable price and provide your website with already built apps for promoting your website so that you remain satisfied. But the real problem arises when you want to add your domain name. You will be asked to make changes to your plan and upgrade your budget. You will be told additional apps are required now and even for the very basic stuff that you require for your website, you will be asked to increase your budget.

And You Further Have to Pay:

Now coming to another reason, why you should not go for these free websites. You are not going to have a website layout like the ones they show in their display. There are many little design changes that have to be implemented from time to time to maintain a decent looking, attractive and eye-catching website. They are not going to do those things for you. They have a couple of templates that you have to choose from and of course thousand other people had chosen too. Of course, the most appealing the template is, the more people will prefer it. So, if you are not a good website designer, you will have to get it done from someone else, simply meaning more money will go out of your pocket. Or if you are a good web designer, then you have to put in your efforts in something that should have been done by the ones whom you have already paid, i.e, those free website owners.

The Biggest Disadvantage:

Let’s say, you have taken services from these companies and your website is constructed with them. After some time you want to have your website somewhere else. Or you want to add certain things or apps that are not available with these companies, what will you do? You can do nothing. All the money, effort and time that you had put in with them will get wasted. You cannot shift your website anywhere; all you will have to do is to start from the scratch. This is one of the biggest disadvantages of these companies.

Yet another Immense Disadvantage:

Do you know that the website that you build with these free website builders is going to be no different from a million other websites. Your domain name will be hidden behind their main domain name and no one is ever going to reach you in any organic search. Google or any search engine has no reference to these free websites so how are you going to rank? Everyone knows how significant organic search is for your website. If no one is going to find you in Google, how will you build your customers and how will your business flourish?


So, don’t get trapped with the free website builders. Don’t let your money and time get wasted in something that has more disadvantages than advantages. Online presence for any kind of business is vital in today’s world of electronic and social media. Invest your money, wisely, with the right web design company so that you can own your business’s online presence, so that you can grow independently and flourish with your own name. In the end I would like to conclude with this proverb that goes quite well for the free website builder companies “All that glitters is not gold.”

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