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We develop web and mobile applications, but we’re not just web developers. We also advise startups on what features to launch with, marketing strategy for launch and how to find financially viable marketing channels,startup marketing & growth hacking as well as overall digital strategy.


Our methodology is lean. If you are bootstrapping a startup (i.e.: paying for it from your own savings) we’ll help you with a strategy to find product/market fit in the quickest and cheapest way possible. If you’ve already validated your concept and are ready to go into full development then you’re also in the right place.

We have experience with marketplace startups, a market research startup, a social networking app, pure Saas startups as well as experience in data science (big data) and established industries where we’ve completed work for large household name brands and Government.

We believe in mutually beneficial relationships. If your startup is a success it usually means more work for us in future so your success means the world to us … plus it makes us feel good too.



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