Website Design for Nonprofit and Government in Houston


For a lot of websites, usability is the main determinant for their success but issues relating to usability are usually not known until a user has gone deep into the website. Engaging an online user when they come to your website is a great way to reduce your bounce rate.

At ArtGro in Houston, it is our goal to ensure that your nonprofit organization succeeds. We get this done by making available to you all important training and tools that is required to run a successful online & offline nonprofit organization. With our nonprofit clients we focus on these 5 main aspects:

  1. Create a clutter-free home page that encourages exploration.
  2. Create brand recognition with a logo.
  3. Create a video presence.
  4. Create an emotional connection using still photographs to tell the story.
  5. Create a consistent visual theme.

In the industry, it doesn’t cost much to build a visually enticing nonprofit website. However, our main is to make sure that your website looks better than you envisaged regardless of your budget. You need to take these points into consideration when you want to improve the outlook of your non-profit website.


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