How Does SEO for Oil and Gas Companies Help Your Company Stand Out?

Almost 90% of consumers do research online before making a purchase. This includes the purchase of utilities and industrial products. What does that mean for your company? It simply means if you aren’t online and ranking high in the search engines, your sales will fall, and you may fall prey to the competition.

So how can you maximize your efforts in SEO for oil and gas companies? Check out our tips below.

The importance of Keywords 

The keywords you choose dictate how well your company ranks in the major search engines. You need an SEO strategy that uses the specific industry terms that your audience searches for online as well. But it’s more than just choosing the right words, it’s using them effectively too.

How you use your keywords determines how the search engines rank your company. Just cramming words onto a page doesn’t work. They need to be strategically placed in content, headers, and advertisements. With continually changing algorithms and information, this is an ongoing job for any company.

Providing Quality Content

Quality content doesn’t just mean well-written content. It means content that uses keywords while still providing value. Simply writing a bunch of words and throwing in random keywords doesn’t cut it. Oil, gas, and industrial SEO techniques require you to provide content that readers want to read and learn something from. It helps if you have others linking your content, as it’s like a ‘vote’ for your site letting the search engines know that it provides value.

Optimizing Your URL

Believe it or not, your URL could make or break your search engine ranking. Using the right keywords and naming each page that branches off from your main page is crucial. You want a URL that lets users know what your company does while using the most popular keywords that your company is trying to get a position for in the search engines. Sometimes it’s not about the most popular keywords, but the low-competition ones that not many have thought to capitalize on quite yet.

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How is B2B Marketing Service Different than B2C Marketing?

Your B2B or business-to-business marketing plan looks a lot different than its B2C or business-to-consumer marketing plan. B2C marketing relies on emotions and desires while B2B marketing relies on more professionalism and benefits. The two are completely different tactics that have different results. 

Check out the differences in B2B marketing below.

Reaching the Right Audience

The first task is reaching the right audience. When you market to consumers, you can be broader in your efforts. While you want to find your niche market, advertising to the general public usually brings results as well. Through word-of-mouth and sharing, B2C advertisements make it to where they need to go.

With B2B marketing, you have to appeal to the person in charge, otherwise known as the boss. It doesn’t matter if everyone in a company likes a particular product, it’s up to the boss or the person in charge to make the purchase. Your marketing skills should be geared towards him. 

Decision Making Process

B2B marketing doesn’t typically invoke immediate decisions. Whether the decision has to go through a variety of channels, or the business owner simply wants to take the time and do the research, it takes time regardless. This is unlike B2C marketing, where many consumers make impulse buys based on the advertisements that lure them to do so.

Knowing what you’re up against and the industry you advertise to is crucial. What components of the decision-making process can you make easier for your target audience? What information can you provide in your ads that will convert them, spurring them to move faster?

Advertising Benefits

B2B buyers have one goal in mind, they want to save money. It doesn’t matter how many benefits your product offers or if you are the only one that provides it in the industry. What they want to know is that their business is going to be positively affected by the product, not just with its benefits, but monetarily too. It’s an angle you don’t have to take with B2C marketing but is necessary for business-to-business if you want to make that hard sell.

Are you ready to see how B2B marketing can change the landscape of your business? Call now at 713-331-1040 to learn more about our B2B marketing services or request a quote online today!

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The Top Marketing Strategies in the Oil & Gas Services Sector

The oil and gas services sector continues to grow at an increasingly fast pace. With the growth, comes the onslaught of numerous investors trying to find their piece of the action. And with the higher consumer demand, comes the need to differentiate yourself from the competition. This means using the right marketing strategies in the oil and gas services sector.

Are you unsure about where to start? Check out our helpful tips below:

Connect Your Company Online

Is your company on social media? If not, it’s time to look into creating a social media account for it. This is one of the top marketing strategies in the oil and gas services. Consumers want to hear from you and what better place than on social media? Share behind-the-scenes footage with your viewers, answer questions, and be vocal about any issues that come up. You’ll not only garner the attention of your audience but with the right use of keywords, you’ll get your company noticed more online.

Provide Good Content

Every online business needs content, it’s how the search engines rank you. It’s not enough to have a static website. You need a blog or page that provides continuously updated information and value. While it is true that quality content that provides education and value do bring in customers, if your content has the right keywords too, it will get your business ranked higher in the search engines as well. 

Use Proper Advertising Techniques

Get your company noticed through the use of advertising. This could be through social media, pay-per-click, or other advertising methods. Choose the techniques that get your company noticed amongst the competition. With paid advertisements, you can target your niche audience and track the results, knowing full well your efforts are paying off right away.

If you don’t know where to start with your marketing strategies in the oil and gas services sector, call the experts in the industry at Artgro. We’ll help you formulate a plan, using the right keywords and strategies that help your company stand out. Call us today at 713-331-1040 or request a quote now!

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Top Tips for Real Estate SEO in Houston, TX

In today’s day and age, everyone turns to the internet before heading out the door, including homebuyers. That’s why real estate marketing is so crucial! If your company and listings can’t easily be found online, you may and soon enough will lose business to your competitors.

So how do you ensure that you are at the top of the search engines? Check out our top SEO real estate tips below:

Get Specific

Don’t make the mistake of trying to rank for basic keywords, such as “realtor” or “real estate agent”. While you can try, you’ll be trying alongside thousands or millions of other realtors too. Instead, use geographically specific or niche-specific keywords. For example, “realtor in Houston, TX” is more specific or “Houston realtor” will attract more customers your way and you would knock out a large amount of the competition when you add that specific word.

Show Your Value

Now don’t make the mistake of “keyword stuffing” just to get ranked, it won’t work! You must provide valuable content with the right keywords in it. By valuable content, we mean content that homebuyers will read and get something out of. Show that you are the expert in the industry and why, let your content answer all the questions; then you’ll start ranking faster than ever.


Link up With Others

Just like in “real life”, we all like referrals. You are more likely to use a service if your friend recommends it, right? The same is true for search engines. If other sites “recommend” you by including your link in their content, the search engines see you as “highly likable” and are more likely to then score your content high in the rankings.


Promotion is Key

You must promote your content! Simply listing a home online does not mean it will get seen. The more you promote it, the more traffic you’ll get. The more organic traffic you get, the more likely search engines are to rank your site higher. Promote yourself on social media, blog posts, and in video marketing. Get your name out there; create a brand for yourself and the SEO in real estate will follow. What you need are the experts that understand real estate marketing and can get you those top rankings. If you’d like to learn more, contact us today!



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What is an SEO company and How Does It Work?

It’s no news that every business needs SEO.
As a business owner, you might still be wondering how your business can benefit from SEO if you don’t have an SEO professional working for you.
SEO can be complicated at times. If you are searching for SEO services online, you have probably come across a few different SEO companies. Though they talk about their services on their website, it may still be difficult to understand what exactly it is that an SEO company does.

What is an SEO Company?
An SEO company provides search engine optimization services to businesses to help them improve their ranking on search engines such as Google, Bing and many more.
Search engine optimization is the process of making changes to your website design and content to make your site more attractive to search engines. The better optimized your site is for search engines like Google, the more likely your site will be to rank on the first page of the search engine results for keywords and phrases that are relevant to your business, products or services.
The major benefit of using an SEO company is to improve your business online visibility, attract visitors and generate revenue.
SEO experts at Artgro Houston TX know what it takes to help you bring more organic traffic to your site through search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
SEO experts provide a range of services, including auditing your site, developing a tailored SEO strategy, and implementing the tactics that will help your business reach its objectives.
The best SEO companies will treat your website as if it is their own. This means that they will make decisions about your site’s SEO to maximize the return on investment and help your business meet its overall goals.

Benefits of Using an SEO Company

There are many benefits to hiring SEO professionals to help your business optimize your site for the search engines. Highlighted below are just three of the main ways that an SEO company can help businesses just like yours grow:

1. An SEO company can help your business improve your search engine rankings.
An experienced SEO company can help your company’s website rank higher in the search engines. Using updated tools and strategies, an SEO company knows just what it takes to help improve your website to make it look more attractive to search engines like Google.
Also, An SEO Company will help you find the right keywords to attract prospects.

2. An SEO company can help improve the quality of your website traffic.
Apart from ranking your company’s site higher on search engines, SEO companies can also help you increase the quality of traffic coming to your site.
As you drive quality traffic to your site, you increase your chances of influencing conversions. That is because visitors coming to your site are more likely to be interested in your products or services. Based on a recent survey, although PPC ads are on top of SERPs, 71.33% of searches convert from clicks on the first page of search results. It’s because most people find Google’s algorithm more credible. So an effective SEO strategy will guarantee you quality traffic.

3. SEO companies provide measurable results.
Yet another way that an SEO company can help your business grow is by delivering measurable results.
Unlike some conventional marketing tactics, SEO can easily be tracked and measured during each step of your campaign. By asking your SEO Company for a monthly analytics report on your SEO campaigns, you can better understand how the SEO services provide value for your business.

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The Importance of Internet Marketing

The Importance of Internet Marketing

In today’s fast-paced business competitive world, internet marketing has become an important business marketing strategy. Although Print media and Television aren’t dead, they still can’t produce amazing outcomes compared to internet marketing.

Now, we have new channels and new ways of reaching your target audience. As a forward-thinking company, it’s in your best interest to use these powerful marketing strategies. Why is internet marketing so important? Highlighted below are six reasons:

1. It gives you lots of bang for your buck. Maintaining a quality website typically runs a lot less than ongoing charges for print and television ads, and production costs are lower as well. Plus, with social media, your only expense is your manpower, since accounts cost nothing.

2. it’s where your audience visits every day. With the overwhelming popularity of mobile devices, any free moment becomes a moment when you can attract a new customer. People are looking for deals on smartphones, reading on smartphones, and even placing orders using smartphones. Skip an internet marketing strategy, and you lose prospects and money.

3. It allows for direct contact with your target audience. Conventional marketing methods generally work in one direction: you have a message that you send out to your audience.
However, with internet marketing, especially on social media, you can engage and compel your target audience in many ways. They can respond to questions, comment and like content, and share information that can help shape future marketing messages.

4. It brings more traffic to your website. When it comes to driving genuine real traffic, internet marketing is the real deal. Visitors often mean conversions in your favor, and internet marketing generates visitors better than just about any other strategy.

5. It makes your business look contemporary and forward-thinking. Your customers are keeping up with changing technology, and that means your business has to keep up with it as well. Whether it starts with a typed query or a slightly awkward, “OK Google,” the internet is the first place people look for information.

6. Finally, internet marketing is important because it works — for all of these reasons and more. Just as medicine shows were effective in the 19th Century and television advertising was what worked in the 20th Century, if you want to reach your audience in the 21st Century, you’ve got to go online.

If your business doesn’t have an online presence, it’s high time you develop one. At Artgro Houston TX, our specialists can improve your business online presence without breaking the bank.

Artgro Marketing Company provides a wide range of website design and online marketing solutions to client throughout Canada and the US, including Houston, TX, Austin, TX, The Woodlands, TX, Dallas, TX and more. Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can build your business online presence.


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Social Media Advertising Trends to Watch in 2020

Social media is an effective tool in influencing customers purchasing decisions, creating awareness, customer engagement, sales generation, and customer loyalty.
As social media platforms have over the years become more and more straightforward advertising platforms rather than free content delivery channels, the advertising opportunities they offer have evolved constantly.
And 2020 is no exception to the “only constant is change” pattern. We have a list of expected trends across social media channels next year. Some of them will be an advancement of what is experienced today, while others will offer new experiences or a mixture of the old experience and the new experience.

1. Video is here to stay
Video has been the new trending style for a couple of years now and it’s going down anytime soon. Different video formats are trending on social media nowadays for promotion.
Facebook’s Video creation kit, Instagram Television (IGTV), Facebook Watch, Facebook Stories, product tagging on Stories and LinkedIn native videos are just some examples. In 2020, promoters might finally ramp up the use of 360 video content and shop-able video ads.
Department store John Lewis utilized shoppable 360 video ads brilliantly by showing what their interior products and furniture will look like in a real home. Travel agencies are also using 360 videos to showcase destinations. Other industries might use these advertising methods to improve their brand exposure and awareness.

2. Messaging apps
Individuals increasingly want to associate in private with a smaller audience. Every month, 78% of cell phone users who have messaging applications like Messenger, WhatsApp, We Chat and Viber impart through them at least once. Additionally, messaging applications have outperformed interpersonal organizations in terms of monthly active users. Facebook Messenger presently has a higher day by day message volume than SMS had internationally at its Peak of popularity.

Making use of messaging apps for advert placements, and especially as ad destinations, will trend in 2020 People can be directed to Messenger – for example to have a conversation with your business, claim an offer or be reminded about an abandoned shopping cart.
As messaging applications continue to gain popularity, businesses also need to reconsider their client service channels. An interesting new opportunity lies in the soon-to-be-launched WhatsApp business API. Apart from answering customers’ questions, simple customer care messages, receipts, shipping information, and welcome messages can all be sent through messaging apps, instead of email.

3. Shopping in feeds
There will be much increasingly consistent shopping experiences and more extensive potential outcomes to purchase straightforwardly from social media feeds, with a few stages as could be allowed.
This opens up especially great opportunities for Instagram, which is frequently used to seek motivation and discover new brands and items.
Platforms have recently been a superior choice for brand awareness campaigns since it has been challenging to guide traffic off of their applications. Upgrades, for example, item labeling in Stories and feeds, collection ads and new moment experience layouts will decrease the number of steps clients need to take between observing an ad and converting. This, in turn, will help boost conversions gained from social media.

4. Augmented reality in ads
Finally, 2020 will be the time of augmented reality (or AR) in promotions. Facebook has declared the dispatch of its “try on” feature which gives promotions a chance to use AR to enable clients to give items a shot, for instance, shades or distinctive lipstick conceals. The Combination of improved shopping experience and using AR in advertisements make social media channels even better for conversion campaigns.
Another popular expression connected with AR is VR. Even though Facebook is investing heavily in VR at this moment, it’s still a long way from getting to be standard. A change from feeds to full VR social situations will require making numerous strides, and individual AR highlights, as of late propelled 3D photographs; seem like tiny ones on that street.

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How to get fast marketing results

Many people ask us marketers about how to get fast marketing results, but the funny thing is they don’t do anything to get these results.
If you want to grow your business, get fast results and increase revenue, you’ve come to the right place! Some of the methods we will highlight here are very effective and they can quickly get you some results.
But in actual sense, they don’t carry very much weight.
If you want to be a powerful company that makes waves and has a marketing strategy that can pull its weight, it needs to be a big cargo ship. Effective, strong, can withstand the tough waters, and, though isn’t super speedy, gets you to your destination.

1. Pay per Click Advertising
PPC is effective online advertising because you can display ads for your products or services to people searching for things that are relevant to your business. You probably know about PPC but if you’re giving it a trial for the first time, you should hire a reputable company like Artgro to help you.

2. Out Brain
Outbrain is one of the world’s leading discovery platforms that help get your brand’s message discovered by your target audience. You set up a campaign with them and then your content appears as recommended on other publishing sites. Your content could be recommended to readers and users on over 70,000 sites, including premium sites like CNN and Time Inc.
These times of content promoters are a great way to get quick marketing results because you can pay higher to get more engagement and views. Their campaigns are not different from ads creation, and you’ll want to know who your target audience is so that you are turning interested click-happy readers into valuable leads.
3. Discounts and Special Offers
Never underestimate the power of discounts and special offers. This is a powerful marketing technique used to retain loyal customers, besides; your customers can even refer their friends to your business.

Though discounts and special offers are a quick way to see a rise in engagement and hopefully a spike in sales, it doesn’t always bring in the lifetime customers you want for your business.
4. Offline Marketing in Conjunction with Inbound Marketing
Combining your offline marketing with your inbound marketing is an excellent way to follow up with your leads and make an impact with your marketing.

When it comes to getting quick marketing results, there are a few things you can do to get fast results, but the reality is that slow and steady wins the race. If you have a solid business, a website that works for you, a steady email and blog campaign, and are constantly looking for ways to add value to your business, you will get sales and results.

Are you planning to put in place the best marketing strategy? Or probably have a team doing the hard work for you. No worries we can put

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Everything You Should Know About a Houston Digital Marketing Agency

All You Need To Know About Digital Marketing Agencies
The term ‘digital agency’ is no longer viewed as another or strange idea; rather, it has become one of the more commonly used trendy phrases in the 21st century. Unfortunately, while it is a notable phrase, it is frequently abused and misinterpreted by many people. The term can appear to be moderately uncomplicated and simple to translate, but as a concept, it may be vague and this tends to confuse people. This article will attempt to clarify ‘digital agencies’ and discuss the Houston digital marketing agency.

1. The Digital Agency versus Traditional/Creative Agencies
To fully explain what we believe differentiates a Houston digital marketing agency from other types of advertising and marketing firms, we will highlight some of the major differences.

• Traditional/Creative Agencies
A conventional or inventive agency will place its emphasis on introducing the company in an aesthetically satisfying way using a mix of innovative promoting systems. The procedures can go from TV and radio publicizing to print, advertising, and even direct mail campaigns.

• Technical/Digital Agencies
To explain, a ‘ digital agency ‘ is one that thinks significantly about the nature of the organization’s plan and the beauty appeal of all benefits related to the brand paying little respect to whether it is digital or print.
They likewise take care to guarantee that all brand resources or applications work in a way that will help organizations accomplish their overall business goals.
In contrast to creative organizations, a digital agency’s focus will extend beyond the minor feel of promoting structure and will consider the client experience on various computerized stages regardless of the device being utilized. Extending from site advancement and UI/UX website design to social media management, content promoting, and search engine optimization. (SEO). Digital agencies work to deliver functional designs convey that look engaging as well as drive development in business.

It is normal for a specialized or digital agency to have some expertise in a specific area of internet promotion or advertising working within a specific niche industry, with a particular business type, or with a particular customer base. By practicing, the agency places itself up for hire to a particular sector and will get more prominent involvement in an increasingly engaged way when compared with thoroughly taking care of the organization.

2. The Advantages of Digital Agencies
Digital agencies understand the value of an investment in cutting edge online technology, as well as using professional web developers, SEO experts, site programmers, and digital marketing specialists. By having these advanced technologies with skilled professionals available, a Houston digital marketing agency can offer many digital solutions to clients alongside branding services.

3. Overall Digital Statistics worth Sharing
According to information, approximately 61% of all clients are unlikely to visit a website if they had problems accessing the website in the past. To conquer this issue, it is recommended that a mobile-friendly website should be used.
It should also be noted that Americans using social media accounts would prefer to engage with brands using social media than accessing physical locations. Social media platforms are highly recommended for companies.
According to research, emails incorporating personalized subject lines were more likely to be opened 26% of the time. This means that companies should become personal with their communication.
Please take note that customer experience always matters. Statistics show that approximately 87% of all customers indicate brands need to place more effort into providing positive and consistent customer experiences.


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Law Firm SEO Basics for Blogging Attorneys

Most of the best legal blogs are written by lawyers who are passionate about their job. But most times, these same attorneys have no idea on how to rank these blog posts on search engines like Google which is a crucial factor in attracting new customers and business.

The good news is, if you are such a lawyer, there are some easy things you can do to boost your blog with law firm SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Create Killer titles

Great titles or headlines are key to achieving top rankings. Search engines like Google use your titles to figure out what your blog posts are about and assign them value. So make sure your headlines are clear, meaningful, and descriptive.

Use Important Law Firm SEO Keyword Phrases.

Attorney keyword phrases are the words that people type into search engines when they are searching for a law firm online. They usually involve a city/state/region, plus a practice area, including the term attorney(s)/lawyer(s)/law firm. An example would be “Los Angeles, California patent attorney” or “California divorce lawyer.”
The first step is to figure out what your keyword phrases should be. Once you have made a list, check if you are using any of these terms in your blog posts naturally. If so, great! If not, you are undermining your own efforts.

Write Niche Topics only

A newly-minted Boston personal lawyer who wants to rank high for this same phrase must put in the time. Sometimes, when you live in a highly competitive region, or you practice in a highly competitive practice area, it might be difficult to rank well for the most sought after terms.

Write Frequently – At Least Once a Week

We have countless number of legal bloggers out there, if you want to be found, then you need to write consistently and write at least once a week. Create a schedule about how you will start blogging and work according to your schedule.

You can even write all your articles for the month at once and post at a later date. Also, take time to think about typical problems that will pop up – because they will — and decide ahead of time how you will head them off.


Blogs can be a great way for law firms to engage an audience and attract new business. However, creating quality relevant content that will entice people to read is not an easy job. If your firm wants to invest in content, be sure that the quality of what you publish is an accurate representation of your professional expertise. Live up to that standard, and you’ll have success. Stray from it, and you’ll be sabotaging your efforts.


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