5 Healthcare Marketing Trends to Help You Stay On Top

Presently like never before, individuals have a renewed focus on wellbeing and health, and thus, numerous choices for consideration have shown up. Patients are requesting for better services to improve the quality of their lives.

Competition is wild in numerous health care markets and if you keep on utilizing conventional marketing strategies, the chances of development are negligible. Moreover, individuals have more access to information- thanks to search engines and social media platforms.

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Websites like WebMD are providing people with reliable healthcare information. Solid research dependent on long periods of clinical preliminaries by therapeutic specialists about different sicknesses, their causes, indications, and medicines are currently available online for free and are easy to find.
Individuals currently direct their very own research before visiting the specialist. Thus, more specialists are on call and consultation websites make sharing healthcare information more widespread. Video calls and live Skype chats have also made it easier to diagnose and prescribe medications to people around the world. And this is just the beginning.

Here are 5 Health care marketing trends to help you stay on top in 2020:

1. Increase in Programmatic Display Buying
To work according to trends, many businesses and medical health care are purchasing advertising that uniquely targets the needs of specific patients at any given time. In programmatic buying, advertisers utilize the right message at the right time to reach out to the right audience.

They achieve this by using a combination of different strategies such as retargeting promotions, pay-per-
click (PPC) advertisements and social media promotion. However, programmatic advertising is the main umbrella that will drive healthcare buying in 2020.

Many healthcare services will adopt this strategy, but it’s important to do it right as medical practices are at risk of getting poor results if they fail to define their patient personas appropriately. The best specialists and medical practitioners will be able to succinctly identify their ideal patients and work their programmatic advertising around that target market.

2. More People Will Be Watching Online Videos
If you’re a healthcare promoter and you’re not using video to promote your practice, then you are losing a lot of prospects and money. Videos are driving serious engagement daily. People love watching videos over reading articles and long boring content. A report released by HubSpot shows that about 45% of people spend more than one hour a day watching videos.
On top of that, 39% of potential patients call to make an appointment after watching a video on a healthcare topic.

3. Increase in Competition and Market Sophistication
Solid working relationships among hospitals are leading to stiff competition. Recently, there have been various mergers and acquisitions. A good example is Aetna and CVS Pharmacy, as reported by Adweek:
Different healthcare services are adopting new methods to beat the competition, which means that the healthcare services that are not stepping up their game now will be left behind. As these healthcare services continue to implement new and innovative digital marketing strategies, we are likely going to see more sophisticated marketing techniques in 2020.

4. Self-Refer Beyond Google
Google has become a reliable platform for many patients which enables them to self-refer. They’re able to search for specific medical specialists and can easily find doctors within their local area. Healthcare content giant WebMD allows patients to self-refer and recently it was able to acquire Vitals.com. This move helped them increase patients’ confidence and trust in the medical conglomerate.

5. Use of blogs to provide quality healthcare content
Gone are the days when it was so difficult for healthcare providers to run successful blogs. One of the reasons is because many healthcare providers don’t understand the technicalities involved in setting up a blog, creating content, and promoting the blog.

They don’t have the time to learn complex systems and strategies. But with the advancement in technology, learning becomes easier and accessible. Website content management systems are improving and becoming more intuitive to use.

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