Dental SEO Services Provided by Our Houston SEO Team

We’ve been working in the health care field for close to 4 years now and we’ve been able to attain some great results for our clients which can be seen in one of our latest case studies on Artgro.


Highlights of Our Marketing Strategies for Dentists

The need for trust brings about online marketing for dentists. Brand reputation is very important in the medical space. This is all about constantly developing high-quality content to connect people with the values and core proposition of trust.

The first step is building valuable content, followed by implementing high autoresponders to leads and new customers to improve communication flow between Doctors and patients. There are communication sequences that must occur for every new patient and for every patient who has received services from you recently. The objective is to capitalize on drawing out satisfied customer reviews while dealing with any complaints before they become public.

Ensuring the effective flow of communication with your customers while developing SEO rich content is the first step of a quality dental SEO plan.

How Keyword Rankings Work for Dentists

Local SEO is the game changer. Getting higher rankings from local results means we will need to craft out your local map listing. The biggest factors that affect your keyword rankings on a Google map listing are the content, reviews, and back-links that are targeted at your listing.

If your local listing is lacking in any of these three areas, then you’re probably either not showing for your local area or your competitors are outranking you.

Rankings are Not Everything

Everything is not about ranking. Most of my clients get calls from people calling them every day to help them rank a keyword to the top of search engines. It’s not about rankings it’s more about who you’re communicating with.

We focus on optimizing the communications with your present patients and new patients. This twofold approach naturally ranks keywords in the search engines over time. Don’t ever settle for a short-term ranking plan because they don’t guarantee long term results. Long-term marketing is the key to success.

houstonwebsitedesign_psb1nwDental SEO Services Provided by Our Houston SEO Team