Law Firm SEO: Get Results with the Best SEO for Attorneys.

Law firm SEO, optimizing an attorney website for search engines, is an essential part of any law firm marketing strategy in this information age. We know every firm is unique. Artgro does not engage a one-size-fits-all strategy to our law firm SEO techniques. Instead, we customize every campaign we manage to each firm’s needs, goals, market and brand.

There is no proven science to search engine optimization, but there are steps you can take to get desired results. To be successful, your SEO methods needs to revolve around three things: your website, your content, and your links.

Your Website

Attorney SEO marketing starts and ends with your website. Your website is a platform where visitors will convert into leads. Your top priority is to get more people viewing your website so they have an opportunity to convert. With the assistance of designers and web developers, you’ll optimize your web pages to rank higher in search results and increase conversions.

A web developer will create an attractive, modern website that adheres to all the rules that Google and other search engines look for. They will also optimize the Meta descriptions, image alt texts, and other web page elements. Optimizing a website is time consuming and is an ongoing process. The sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll see more website traffic.

Your Content

You need to create written content regularly for lawyer SEO marketing to be truly productive. Every piece of content should be optimized for a keyword or keywords. Most businesses accomplish this by including a blog on their website.

Blog posts create more pages for search engines to index. Each post provides you with an opportunity to rank for a keyword in the search results. Digital marketers use unique application to determine which keywords represent a ranking opportunity.

Your Links

Both internal and external links are essential to your search rankings. You can build trust with your website users by providing them with hyperlinks to external resources such as government law websites. You can also link internally to your own blog posts and web pages. Marketers usually place an internal link at the bottom side of content to encourage readers to engage more.

Acquiring backlinks is also beneficial for lawyer SEO marketing. Backlinks are links from other websites that send viewers to your website. There are several methods to acquire backlinks, but some are considered black hat tactics. The best way to acquire backlinks is to use white hat methods.

SEO is Ongoing

To ensure that your SEO is updates, partner with the Artgro digital marketing team. Work with their web developers and copywriters who can provide you with all the necessary services for lawyer SEO marketing.

Organic search is the number one driver of traffic to content-rich websites. Ensure your prospects are finding you at the top of their search results.


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