Practical Look at Oil and Gas Mobile Apps.

Who says that Oil and Gas cannot adopt digital technology? In today’s Oil and Gas Industry, oil and gas are beginning to invest in mobile technology to improve their operations and services to customers.

Mobile Oil and Gas Solutions

A great mobile app should be designed for major players in the oil and gas industry without going for professional and technical training to be able to use it. A great mobile app can accommodate existing infrastructure and processes, will fill in operational or communication gaps relatively seamlessly, and will be easy for targeted user groups.
No matter how complex the needs of major enterprises are, doesn’t mean it should have complex solutions. A functional effective Oil and Gas mobile apps will:

  • Compress diverse data into clean, color-coded graphics.
  • Be simple and easy to understand for all user groups.
  • Be compatible with a company’s existing systems and processes.

According to a survey 1 that included Halliburton, Chevron, Cenovus, and ConocoPhillips, amongst others, 43 percent of respondents said they were either currently investing in or seriously planning for wearable integration. This means that the industry is not going backward. It’s easy to see how the
hands-free and un-ignorable qualities of smart watch applications offer a bigger benefit to oil and gas workers compared to a smartphone app.

Biggest Uses for Oil and Gas Applications.

Most mobile oil and gas application existing today focus more on real-time communication, field operations, and health, safety and environment (H.S.E)

Real-time Collaboration and Communication

Email and smartphones are impressive, however they are still limiting. Mobile application can ease communication amongst offshore workers who aren’t using their computers. A mobile application could also be used as a security alert whenever there is an emergency or fire outbreak during work.

Better Operability

Field workers can input vital information and send it to a central server on the go, this will make it easier for project managers to access the information without worries. Using the same mobile application,
project managers can save time and stress on supervision and repairs without hassles.
Safety and Training.
The focus is now on HSE apps amongst oil and gas companies. Oil and gas safety communications and training are constant needs, especially for remote workers. Mobile technology can deliver anything from basic safety training to monitoring pressure levels inside field equipment.

With the aid of a mobile application, workers can get updates about training, get notifications whenever there’s an update to a system or protocol, and send questions and feedback to managers. Managers can
use the app to engage with employees, as well as to keep tabs on how workers are scoring on the in-app training and see where there may be communication errors in safety training

Enterprise Mobile Experts

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