SEO Tips for Lawyers and Their Firms

As a widespread rule, lawyers are highly intelligent people who can write impressive blog content. But, because they know the law, and not necessarily internet marketing, they don’t know how to make those blog posts ranked high in Google and other search engines. This is important to build a steady stream of traffic to your website which can convert visitors to paying clients.

The good news is, lawyers can learn SEO strategies to help improve their ranking. This way, they can still keep writing the content themselves but get better results.

Start with Keyword Research

Keyword research tools such as Answer the Public, Keyword Tool, and SEM Rush enables you to find words and phrases your prospects are using to find lawyers in your area. Using this information can help you find topics to write about and the words to include on your website to help improve your overall ranking.

Write Content Specific to Your Legal Specialties

Law is a complex and extensive subject. Chances are your firm has a good name for representing certain types of cases. If you specialize in criminal defense, you don’t need to write about estate law or family law.

Write Occasionally

The more you write, the more content the search engines will have to rank. When you write occasionally, the more you’ll send new signals to the search engines. Search engines do not usually list outdated information. Try to write at least once a week, but know that businesses that blog three times a week get three times more traffic than those who update their blog once a week.

Link to Articles

Search engines take into consideration the number of links to and from your site as an indication of quality. Quality will always have an impact on rankings because the search engines are trying to make sure they provide a good experience for their users.

When you talk about overlapping subject, link to the content that you’ve already written. When you mention cases or specific resources, make reference to credible sources on them where your readers can find other information if they want.

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