Should a law firm do their SEO WITHIN?

For law firms looking forward to growing their practices, SEO is a very important tool. Search Engine Optimization helps law firms to generate massive leads to their businesses. There are lots of SEO services in the digital marketing space- starting from common service providers to the legal industry- focusing marketing agencies. But, like most services, this is one that can potentially be brought within an organization.

Two questions we were asked when communicating with law firms are:
– Should a law firm do their SEO within the organization or firm?
– Are there risks to doing so?

The simple answer to the first question is NO. You should not keep your SEO in-house. In this post, we’re going to analyze two risk areas law firms face when they doing their SEO within the organization.

Risk One: You May Not Be Getting All the Assistance You Need.

Keeping your SEO within the organization could mean that your law firm doesn’t get the actual assistance needed to make the most out of the process. It’s often believed that SEO is the most important area of online marketing. And, yes, it is a very important area since it affects where your law firm will appear in the organic search engine rankings. But executing on professional level SEO for law firms entails deep expertise on different areas, from technical SEO to content. Being highly experienced in SEO doesn’t mean that they can write high converting content.

Besides, SEO agencies have team members with different areas of expertise. They also work on many different law firm SEO campaigns so they know what strategies deliver results, compared to a single SEO team member focusing on one firm who is getting information for just one law practice.

Risk Two: Lack of experience Can Be Dangerous

We all know that experience is gained from somewhere. We also know that SEO concepts change like the weather. Even is someone has the skills necessary to help your law firm rank, do they have the experience to perform audits and review data to determine what parameters need to be improved? Do they know how to find and interpret all of the data?

Don’t leave your law firm’s SEO method to chance. Don’t leave just one person responsible for your entire marketing and SEO strategy. Instead, speak with a professional SEO and marketing agency to learn how your law firm can benefit from their services.


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