Social Media Advertising Trends to Watch in 2020

Social media is an effective tool in influencing customers purchasing decisions, creating awareness, customer engagement, sales generation, and customer loyalty.
As social media platforms have over the years become more and more straightforward advertising platforms rather than free content delivery channels, the advertising opportunities they offer have evolved constantly.
And 2020 is no exception to the “only constant is change” pattern. We have a list of expected trends across social media channels next year. Some of them will be an advancement of what is experienced today, while others will offer new experiences or a mixture of the old experience and the new experience.

1. Video is here to stay
Video has been the new trending style for a couple of years now and it’s going down anytime soon. Different video formats are trending on social media nowadays for promotion.
Facebook’s Video creation kit, Instagram Television (IGTV), Facebook Watch, Facebook Stories, product tagging on Stories and LinkedIn native videos are just some examples. In 2020, promoters might finally ramp up the use of 360 video content and shop-able video ads.
Department store John Lewis utilized shoppable 360 video ads brilliantly by showing what their interior products and furniture will look like in a real home. Travel agencies are also using 360 videos to showcase destinations. Other industries might use these advertising methods to improve their brand exposure and awareness.

2. Messaging apps
Individuals increasingly want to associate in private with a smaller audience. Every month, 78% of cell phone users who have messaging applications like Messenger, WhatsApp, We Chat and Viber impart through them at least once. Additionally, messaging applications have outperformed interpersonal organizations in terms of monthly active users. Facebook Messenger presently has a higher day by day message volume than SMS had internationally at its Peak of popularity.

Making use of messaging apps for advert placements, and especially as ad destinations, will trend in 2020 People can be directed to Messenger – for example to have a conversation with your business, claim an offer or be reminded about an abandoned shopping cart.
As messaging applications continue to gain popularity, businesses also need to reconsider their client service channels. An interesting new opportunity lies in the soon-to-be-launched WhatsApp business API. Apart from answering customers’ questions, simple customer care messages, receipts, shipping information, and welcome messages can all be sent through messaging apps, instead of email.

3. Shopping in feeds
There will be much increasingly consistent shopping experiences and more extensive potential outcomes to purchase straightforwardly from social media feeds, with a few stages as could be allowed.
This opens up especially great opportunities for Instagram, which is frequently used to seek motivation and discover new brands and items.
Platforms have recently been a superior choice for brand awareness campaigns since it has been challenging to guide traffic off of their applications. Upgrades, for example, item labeling in Stories and feeds, collection ads and new moment experience layouts will decrease the number of steps clients need to take between observing an ad and converting. This, in turn, will help boost conversions gained from social media.

4. Augmented reality in ads
Finally, 2020 will be the time of augmented reality (or AR) in promotions. Facebook has declared the dispatch of its “try on” feature which gives promotions a chance to use AR to enable clients to give items a shot, for instance, shades or distinctive lipstick conceals. The Combination of improved shopping experience and using AR in advertisements make social media channels even better for conversion campaigns.
Another popular expression connected with AR is VR. Even though Facebook is investing heavily in VR at this moment, it’s still a long way from getting to be standard. A change from feeds to full VR social situations will require making numerous strides, and individual AR highlights, as of late propelled 3D photographs; seem like tiny ones on that street.

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