Having a professionally designed website is very important. A well-designed website creates a first impression for your visitors, so you can afford to lose visitors due to a poorly designed website.
Because of the poorly designed aesthetics of your website, no one sees the amazing deals and helpful services that you are offering. No matter how competitive your prices are, the only way you could get people to stay is if you’re giving away free items.

Would You Go Inside a Store That Looks Poorly Designed?
This might sound funny. But ask yourself this question: Would you go inside a store that looks poorly designed? One that looks like a cracked building with a faulty foundation and straight out of a horror movie? No right? You wouldn’t even think twice. You would simply look elsewhere.

Great Web Design Promotes Consistent Branding
Quality branding is scarce these days. Without a dedicated marketing team, it is easy to lose track of your branding message and lose your prospects.
Unfortunately for you, we live in a competitive business world now, where everyone is watching you, waiting for your downfall. Brands often fall victim to this, losing their branding message along the way and taking the brunt of it later on.
Imagine if you are providing the highest quality of shoes available in the market but your website is not up to standard. Do you think you would be able to attract new clients to try you out? How can they know about how great your shoes are when they are not even willing to see your gallery?
Great Web Design builds your Credibility and Authority.
When searching for a web developer for your website, try as much as possible to check out his Portfolio and make sure he is a professional in web design.
Most web developers won’t show you their Portfolios because of the low prices they charge. In summary, ensure you hire a professional web designer with an amazing portfolio and great design skills according to your budget.