Using SEO to Market Your Law Firm

If you are a law firm or one team attorney looking to build a strong online presence, Google is definitely the best tool you can use to drive massive traffic to your law business.

Unfortunately, the majority of law firms are already aware of that and are already using SEO to improve their businesses. In today’s fast paced competitive market, getting ranked in Google is not easy, especially in the legal space where the competition is very high. Highlighted below are some things you can do to promote your law firm using SEO.

Start with local SEO

The truth is that you are targeting local clients for your law firm and that is why you need a specific kind of search engine optimization called Local SEO. It optimizes your website so that people can easily find your business when they are searching for a law firm in their area. Google knows when users carry out local searches and it will provide results accordingly. Unless you are a well-known global law firm, you should really begin your SEO marketing on a local level.

Law firm SEO begins with a Headline

Though it is said that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, Google always judges websites by their headlines. As such, it is important that your headline summarizes what you do in just a few characters. The good news is, web technology makes that very easy using the title tag. Use that tag to describe to the world what you are all about and why people should hire you. You need to keep in mind things such as what page in your website you want to rank and reasons for ranking it, and the need to have clear optimization for blog, service, category, and home pages.

Use references

Once you provide your law firm’s address, it is now time to reference it with citations. Citations are basically listings of your business address, name, and phone number on another website. You should keep in mind that your business address should appear the same across all websites you use. Citations are crucial because they give your law firm the look of authority.

That is a ranking factor that Google uses when determining which businesses get to the top of the results list. You can add your citations to other online possessions as well. For instance, if you write a blog post for another site, ensure that you include your name, address, and phone number at the end of the post.


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