How Voice Search is Changing Local SEO and Search

When you type in “What day is Black Friday this year?” on Google or request Siri’s help on getting red wine out of a white couch, you’re actually doing a voice search.

Voice search describes searches you perform using your voice. These searches are conducted with a voice assistant instead of manually typing.

Siri and Google dominates the voice search market, which makes sense due to its mobile compatibility. Highlighted below are top four voice assistants and the devices they are compatible with:

•             Apple Siri – Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod

•             Google Assistant – Google Home, Pixel phone, Android 6.0+ devices, iOS and Android apps

•             Microsoft Cortana – Windows 10, Windows phone, Xbox One, iOS and Android apps

•             Amazon Alexa – Echo


There are certain factors needed to optimize your site for voice search.

Highlighted below are the factors:


If you’ve be considering using voice search, Featured snippets is a better consideration .Over 40% of voice search answers come from a featured snippet.


Recent research carried out by word stream shows that the speed of your mobile website can play a huge role in its voice search ranking.

A large portion of voice searches are from Mobile users who are on the go seeking for fast response.


According to Backlinko, authoritative domains yield significantly higher results in voice searches. There are several digital marketing tactics you can use to boost the domain authority of your site.

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