What is the difference between UX and UI (User Interface) Design

What is the difference between UX and UI (User Interface) Design?

UX has been a fashionable phrase that bounces around the design world, approved by designers and developers.

In many cases, top developers who claim to be talking about”UX” often show UI features during product demonstration.

Now let’s explain the difference between UX and User Interface (UI) design.

Why is there so much specialization?

There are many reasons why people have come to specialize as UX, UI, or visual designers.

The most important thing is adapting to technological innovations and enhancements, and responding to changing user demands.

In the past, when you buy a software package, we might not expect to receive updates or bug fixes for many years.

But today, many mobile apps roll out important updates, fixes, and improvements everyday.

Establishing a division of labor between experience design, interface design, and visual design, makes it possible to complete these updates faster, with greater focus, and better expertise.

UX Designer vs UI Designer

User Experience (UX) Designer

User Interface (UI) Designer

– meet with clients and customers

– intensive user research

– specify user goals and personas

– design product to meet user goals

– define User Interface requirements

– design user flow through a site/product

– create wireframes and basic UI specs – design each user touchpoint

– design User Interface behaviour

– craft visual appearance of interface

– make decisions on colour and typography

– design visual hierarchy

– create enjoyable interactions

– develop and define a consistent visual language

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