How to Generate Leads Online With Your Website

How to Generate Leads Online With Your Website

A good business website will beat the competition in the same niche, and do the heavy lifting for you when it comes to generating new leads. But what can you do to get desired results?

Get the look

Is your website attractive or special to you?

Your website should show the level of your expertise and professionalism.

People assess your level of professionalism within the first five seconds of visiting your website which is known as the blink test in the web marketing world.

A professional web designer will help you build and develop a catchy responsive website to improve your brand awareness.

Adding Online Chat

Adding an online chat on your website is a good strategy to improve customer online experience.

Online chat whether live or automated is programmed to save you the hassles of customer support.

Online chat answers frequently asked questions from website visitors thereby saving you time and money.

It’s highly recommended that businesses should test out live chat during regular business hours so as to collect contact information from prospects.

Generally, we recommend businesses test out live chat during regular business hours as yet another way to capture contact information from leads.


Solve any SEO Related issues on your website.

Once you’ve designed a responsive website, you need to ensure it’s easily found on Google first page and other search engines.

You need to focus more on the labeling for your pages and images.

Get more visual with videos

Nowadays, videos are the fastest means to promote your business, services or products to a larger audience in an engaging manner.

Social media is driven by video and visual content, and video sites are exploding in popularity. That’s why YouTube is ranked as the second largest search engine behind Google.

Businesses can make use of this opportunity to take their business to the next level as people are constantly looking for product reviews, how to’s, and other business-related content in video format. Promote your videos through your email marketing and post them on YouTube, Facebook and other social channels to drive traffic and engagement.

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3 Medical SEO Tips to Get More Patients

3 Medical SEO Tips to Get More Patients

In today’s competitive health care industry, getting more patients to your business could be difficult. Patients can decide to change doctors based on the information they got. You can attract new patients if you position yourself well.

1- Website Architecture:

Architecture is all about how your website is structured and laid out. An easily navigable responsive website design improves website indexing. The more your website loads faster, the better it will rank on the search engine results page (SERP).

2- Call To Action:

A strong call to action is a compelling statement or sentence constructed to compel a potential client. A call to action is very important on every web page.

3- Use Keywords the Right Way

Once you’ve selected the best keywords, develop content like service pages and blogs around those keywords. Don’t do it the other way around. If you are not perfect in using a Keyword naturally, don’t try using it. Visitors could easily identify a forced content which is very bad for your brand.

Learn How Medical SEO Drives Traffic

To drive more leads or patients, focus on getting targeted traffic. Medical SEO helps you rank higher to get more visitors that you can convert to loyal patients.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you get more patients.

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Four Social Media Tips for the Real estate Industry

Four Social Media Tips for the Real Estate Industry


  • Design Your Social Pages


Create a powerful and attractive business page on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Interest, YouTube, will boost your chances of patronage.

You should also upload high quality images to optimize your pages for SEO.


  • Keep Things Local


Ensure you post about things happening locally. Provide enough information relating to recent event activities and happenings and keep your followers updated.


  • Carry on Conversations


Keep your clients valuable, both in person and on social media, by responding to their comments and questions. Mention clients by name to make them feel more “at home” on your social media pages.


  • Have a Content Strategy


To hit a goldmine in the real estate industry, a solid content strategy is a must. Content related to your brand, neighborhood, and audience. Tips and tricks, educational posts, how-tos, and buying guides are highly useful for social purposes.

In addition, try as much as possible to schedule the posting of your content, so it gets to the right audience at the right time.


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Content Marketing for Real Estate

Blogging alone doesn’t guarantee lead generation and business growth. To get good returns on initial investment, you need to be strategic in posting contents on your blog or website.

When you put your money and dedicate your time into content marketing, you are actually providing value in an effort to attract prospects, capture and nurture leads, and acquire new customers.

To get more returns on investment, you should be able to build a large and loyal audience of readers and followers who can help you promote your blog posts to their friends and loved ones outside of your network.

The best and easiest way to do it is to use your blog as a way to leverage yourself as a broader resource for homebuyers.

How do you become a broader resource?

By writing blog posts that cover topics outside of what your competitors are writing about.

For example, instead of writing blog posts on topics that relate to buying and selling homes or trends and changes in the real estate industry.

You could offer to write on topics like:

  • How to Get Organized When You Live in a Small House?
  • What are hot tub installation requirements?
  • How You Can Be An Active Citizen?
  • How to Transfer to a New Elementary School.
  • How to Make Friends in a New City.

Doing this will help strengthen your personal brand as an agent, promote your content in front of new audiences, and connect with more prospects who could use you now, or later in the near future.

If you have any question, call (713) 331-1040 or fill the form below.

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Two effective proven Social Media Tips to Attract New Patients to Your Medical Practice

In today’s fast-paced competitive business world, the use of social media for generating new leads to businesses is on the increase.

Business owners prefer to engage and compel their audience through social media, and the healthcare industry has not been left out.

According to research, People are actively discussing health issues on social media, sharing experiences and engaging with healthcare professionals.

Highlighted below are essential tips for social media marketing for Medical Practices:

  • Ensure you bring value to your community- This is one of the best ways to establish a trustworthy reputation for your medical practice on social media. Endeavor to bring value to your patients and give them a reason to follow you.

You can add value by sharing information about chronic illnesses around you, how to prevent them, reminding patients of essential vaccinations, giving tips on how to stay healthy, or updating them on practice news such as opening hours or staff changes.

  1. Always be time conscious and Consistent.

Social media is all about engaging and compelling the right audience on the right platform, at the right time.

Your Facebook post will get 75 percent of its total potential engagement within the first 5 hours of posting, and for Twitter it’s less than 3 hours. So it’s very important you time your posts well to reach as many people as possible.

  • Best time to post on Twitter: Twitter users mostly use the platforms during breaks and commutes, with the optimal tweet times being 12pm, 3pm, and between 5-6pm.
  • Best time to post on Facebook: Facebook users are typically more active later on in the week, with engagement being 18% higher on Thursday and Friday, and 32 percent higher on weekends.
  • Best time to post on LinkedIn: as a business tool, LinkedIn users are frequently online in the middle of the working week. The best times to post are between Tuesday – Thursday, between 7-8am, at midday, and at 5-6pm.

Get started today with Artgro

Are you aware that digital marketing can take your medical practice to the next level?

It’s high time you leverage on the power of digital marketing today by working with our dedicated team of experts who would help you discover the power of online marketing tactics.

Don’t procrastinate. Contact us today for a free consultation and to find out how you can get started.

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3 Ways to boost Your Local Orthopedic Search Rankings

Do you know that achieving high overall search results doesn’t guarantee good SEO?

In fact, for orthopedic surgeons and other medical practitioners, where you fall in local search results is very important.

Most of your patients are coming to your local area, probably within 30 miles of your office, so those patients are your real targeted audience.

Google knows when local results matter, too, even when people don’t use local keywords in their searches.

Let’s take for example when you search for “Elbow replacement surgeons” you’ll get local Houston results right at the top of the page, with a map showing you where the location of the three surgeons who snagged the top rankings in local search results.

You can do the same search in Dallas, you get Dallas area, orthopedic surgeons.

That shows you that local search ranking is very important and it’s something that a lot of orthopedic practices ignore.

That means with a little bit of effort—and maybe these three tricks—you can snag some major marketing benefits with improved local rankings.

Here are tips to follow:

  1. Use More Local Keywords in Your Orthopedic Practice’s Website

Ensure you use more local keywords because it can have an outsized effect on your local results to, so make sure your website’s content is chock full of local references.

For example, make sure your practice’s name, address and phone number appear on every page of your website.

  1. Make Sure Your Surgical Practice Has Consistent Online Listings

It isn’t just Google’s search engine that you need to be thinking about.

Not only should the address on your Google+ page match your Google My Business (GMB) listing (and yes, you should have both of those), but you also need to make sure your business is properly listed on Google Maps, search engines and directories

Then there’s Yahoo and Bing,, your local BBB, Yelp…there are literally hundreds of different websites that, like it or not, probably have a listing for you and your clinic that includes an address.

  1. Make sure your site is responsive.

Google announced that they now use mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal that will affect how your site ranks on mobile search results.

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Why Pay per Click PPC is beneficial for Medical practices

Are you just starting medical practitioner business?

Or probably new to marketing your practice online?

We want to let you know that PPC if done correctly is a great way to increase patient appointments.

PPC simply enables you to help potential patients match their search engine queries to the services practitioners provide.

PPC advertisements are guaranteed to improve your medical practice website in search engine results.

Here’s why PPC advertisements are beneficial to your Medical practice:

  • PPC starts with a low initial investment guaranteed to give you a big pay off with time: After an initial set-up fee, you only pay when your advertisement is clicked on by a user. Depending on how aggressive you want your ad campaign to be will depend on what you’ll spend, this way you can set a budget you’re comfortable with.
  • PPC supplies instant gratification compared to organic SEO tactics. SEO or search engine optimization will increase your search engine rankings organically overtime with the aid of content marketing. SEO-friendly original blog posts that are loaded with less competitive keywords and useful information forces Google to re-index your website every time a new page of content is added.
  • PPC components can be easily tracked, that’s why website owners or bloggers prefer using PPC.
  • PPC ad is guaranteed to improve your local and international exposure depending on your campaign. For medical practices, PPC acts as a tool used for driving local patients to your website. Not only that, it also encourages health care tourism within countries.
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3 proven Tips for a medical practice web design that turns prospects into loyal patients.

In today’s competitive business world, your website creates a strong first impression.

The more attractive your website, the more engagement, the more you are likely to improve conversion rates.

Now, you could stuff your website full of features and educational tools specific to your subspecialty, but the truth is patients are generally only looking for a few key things.

Your patients are interested in your bio, your office location, your level of professionalism and many more.

Pretty much every website offers these basic functionalities, so what can you do to take your website to the next level and make it one of the best medical practice websites out there?

Highlighted below are necessary steps/Tips you must take to stay ahead of your competitors:

  • Offer Online Appointment Scheduling: This one should be a no-brainer. With online appointment scheduling your office can schedule patients 24/7 from anywhere. You’ll never miss an appointment if you’re always open. This is very good for patient, as patients could easily set up their appointment without the hassle of picking up a phone, being put on hold or having to scramble to find any information.
  • Quality pictures and videos: Use quality pictures and Videos to attract your patients to your facility.
  • Strategically place your contact information: Ensure your contact information is displayed for everyone to see. One crucial thing that needs to be added is your location, address, telephone number, and email address so that patients can contact you easily. It helps to link your address to Google Maps.



Medical web design is a proven and effective way to attract your potential clients.

Having a strong online business presence improves your brand, creates trust and improves patronage.

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