Top Tips for Real Estate SEO in Houston, TX

In today’s day and age, everyone turns to the internet before heading out the door, including homebuyers. That’s why real estate marketing is so crucial! If your company and listings can’t easily be found online, you may and soon enough will lose business to your competitors.

So how do you ensure that you are at the top of the search engines? Check out our top SEO real estate tips below:

Get Specific

Don’t make the mistake of trying to rank for basic keywords, such as “realtor” or “real estate agent”. While you can try, you’ll be trying alongside thousands or millions of other realtors too. Instead, use geographically specific or niche-specific keywords. For example, “realtor in Houston, TX” is more specific or “Houston realtor” will attract more customers your way and you would knock out a large amount of the competition when you add that specific word.

Show Your Value

Now don’t make the mistake of “keyword stuffing” just to get ranked, it won’t work! You must provide valuable content with the right keywords in it. By valuable content, we mean content that homebuyers will read and get something out of. Show that you are the expert in the industry and why, let your content answer all the questions; then you’ll start ranking faster than ever.


Link up With Others

Just like in “real life”, we all like referrals. You are more likely to use a service if your friend recommends it, right? The same is true for search engines. If other sites “recommend” you by including your link in their content, the search engines see you as “highly likable” and are more likely to then score your content high in the rankings.


Promotion is Key

You must promote your content! Simply listing a home online does not mean it will get seen. The more you promote it, the more traffic you’ll get. The more organic traffic you get, the more likely search engines are to rank your site higher. Promote yourself on social media, blog posts, and in video marketing. Get your name out there; create a brand for yourself and the SEO in real estate will follow. What you need are the experts that understand real estate marketing and can get you those top rankings. If you’d like to learn more, contact us today!



Our digital strategists have put together successful SEO campaigns for businesses ranging from local coffee shops to publicly traded companies. They’ll do the same for you. Request a free quote and experience why Artgro is rated as one of the best Houston SEO firms.

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Automotive Marketing Agency

Looking for technology to drive your Marketing solutions for the automobile industry? Artgro Marketing is perfect for you.

At Artgro Marketing, we provide a full complement of automotive marketing services for large dealer groups. We provide time-sensitive, effective marketing options connecting your prospects to you.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click (PPC) describes the process whereby the advertiser pays (a search engine, website owner, or a network of websites) when someone clicks their ads. PPC advertising is a very effective marketing strategy. Compared to traditional marketing, PPC is more versatile and easier to test. And, PPC allows you to try countless iterations of the same offer.

Ensuring a successful PPC Campaign, requires constant attention. Without dedicated and experienced staff within your organization, it’s advisable to outsource your PPC campaigns to an automotive marketing company that specializes in digital advertising.


People occasionally carry out research on their favorite car before making a purchase.

You can make your company or business as the “go-to” resource for the countless questions from potential clients.

Imagine the number of potential clients you’ll get when they type these questions on Google or Bing search engines according to their Keywords.

That’s why you’ll need to invest in search engine optimization (SEO). Publishing great content and securing high-quality links from other sites are the two primary pillars of this strategy.

The disadvantage of SEO is its time consuming, SEO results take time.

But you are rest assured of getting massive traffic through organic searches which makes “selling” much easier.

Web Design.

To stay ahead of your competitors, you need a professionally designed website to nail down your prospects.

You’ll need a clean aesthetically pleasing website to compel your prospects.

If you don’t have the graphic or coding skills to accomplish this in-house, you’ll definitely want to hire an automotive marketing firm that specializes in professional web design.

To learn more about our marketing services for automotive firms, get in touch with us today!

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Spa marketing company

Marketing entails improving your business or brand online presence.

Any form of business needs effective marketing campaigns and spa/group practice, salon or solo practice isn’t left out.

Your online digital footprint is your reputation and your path to success, so it must be in line with your audience.

Valuable Ways to Reach Spa Prospects

While each spa’s marketing strategy will be different, there are general methods that typically work well. A few valuable ways spas might target customers include:

  • Testimonials: Testimonials works like magic in Spa services promotion.
  • Internet marketing: Leveraging on SEO and PPC, top organizations can increase online visibility making it easy for prospects to locate their spa.
  • Email marketing: Email marketing and direct mail campaigns offer ways for spas to target customers with relevant information.

Artgro is the top leading Salon and spa marketing company in Houston, TX. Our salon and med-spa marketing consulting have included:

– Brand development

– Logo, services booklets, and interior and exterior signage design

– Website creation, maintenance, and search engine optimization (SEO)

– Radio and television advertisements purchase and production

– Grand opening planning

– E-newsletter production and database management

Knowing how to market a spa successfully is part research and part strategy, so any spa looking to improve its marketing efforts will benefit from partnering with a skilled, experienced marketing firm.

To learn more about how to use marketing to your spa’s advantage, call us at (713) 331-1040 — or form below to contact us. Most questions are answered in 24 hours or less (usually less than an hour)

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Auto Repair

Auto Repair Marketing Company

Auto repair marketing has recorded a good turn around in the past years.

Currently, we have other means of growing your business apart from word of mouth marketing.

To be successful in the Auto Repair marketing, you need to focus on building a solid online presence in addition to your offline marketing tactics.

Here are some proven strategies for marketing for auto repair shops.

  1. Build Your Online Presence

An online presence is critical for your Auto business because today’s car owner is going online to search for a repair mechanic workshop with the aid of his phone.

An online presence starts with a professional designed mobile-friendly website. Proper web design company make it easy for customers to find your contact information and service offerings, so they can contact you for schedule repairs for their vehicles. An auto repair marketing agency that specializes in Internet marketing can help with this.

After developing and designing your website, you need to employ search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.

SEO utilizes strategies to improve your website visibility on Google search engines.

  1. Paid Online Advertising

After optimizing your website, then you can consider using paid online advertising options.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one of the most cost-effective options. PPC advertising allows you to pay for advertisements that show up on search results based on your chosen keyword.

  1. Reach Customers through Email

Consider requesting email addresses from customers for your VIP email newsletter, then using the newsletter to tell your customer base about your upcoming promotions or to offer exclusive discounts on maintenance services such as oil changes, servicing and many more.

  1. Use Interest Marketing to Complement Offline Marketing

Offline and word-of-mouth marketing is still critical to your auto repair shop’s success, but Internet marketing should be woven into the mix. When customers are happy with repairs, offer them an incentive to refer people to your shop, then request that they place a review on Google, Yelp, and Facebook.

For more information about our auto repair marketing services, call us at (713) 331-1040 or fill the form below.

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Food & Beverage

Food and Beverage Marketing Agency.

The food and beverage industry is one of the biggest industry in the world.

The global food and beverages market was estimated to be over $5650 billion as of 2017.

The food and beverage industry needs a thorough understanding of the consumer or business customer, along with careful management and balance of marketing campaigns.

We don’t focus only on advertising.

As a forward moving company, we don’t focus only on advertising, we offer expertise in creative, strategy, research/analytics, production/delivery, public relations, media, social media, SEO and SEM, and development as well.

The Value of Working with a Food and Beverage Marketing Company

What a professional food and beverage marketing agency offer is expertise in generating and converting leads. Most food and beverage brands struggle to gain and maintain market share, but that can change with strategic services aimed at their target audiences.

Here are some of the services an agency might offer a food and beverage company:

  • Identifying a Target Audience: A result oriented company should focus on identifying the kind of customer it’s targeting.
  • Creating a responsive website: In today’s business competitive world, businesses needs a strong online presence to stay ahead of competitors.  Professional web design creates a landing place for consumers when they want to learn more about a specific brand.
  • Promoting the website: Promoting your business website helps improve brand exposure and conversion rates. You can promote your website on Social media platforms, Forums and classified sites.

Knowing what combination of strategies to use to promote a food and beverage brand is part of the unique value an agency provides. By using real industry data on a company’s competition, a professional food and beverage marketing firm can craft a unique plan for targeting a brand’s user base.

If your company could use the support of a professional food and beverage marketing firm dedicated to its success, contact us today!

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Medical & Health

Healthcare Marketing Agency

Are you planning to take your medical practice to the next level? Would you love to grow your medical practice and attract more patients to your health clinic or hospital?

If yes, then you’ll need to create a medical and health marketing strategy that fits your goals and your budget.

Digital marketing is highly recommended for promoting medical and health care services. Highlighted below are some of the best internet marketing strategies designed for the healthcare industry.


Start at the heart: your medical practice website.

Creating a good first impression goes a long way in engaging and compelling your prospects. Ensure you do not use an outdated or hard-to-use website as it could have a negative impact on your business.

In today’s business competitive, you need a very short time to grab your prospects attention. So, therefore, you need an attractive site, easily navigable that can compel the visitor to take action right away.


Optimize for a healthy online presence.

Recent research shows that Google and other search engines drive massive traffic to hospitals and healthcare websites than other sources.

If your company’s website isn’t found on the first page of Google and other search engines, then you are missing a lot of prospects.

With in-depth keyword research and website content that’s informative and optimized for Google, our SEO experts will help your website rank prominently in the search engine listings. This will increase brand awareness for your company, and drive more and more traffic to your website.


Pay Per Click Marketing

Another proven and effective strategy to drive massive traffic to your website is the use of PPC advertising. Our seasoned team of advertising experts will research, launch, and manage your PPC campaigns for maximum returns on investment. Getting valuable clicks and active leads to your website has never been this easier.

For more information about medical and health marketing services to save you time and attract more patients to your practice, clinic or hospital, call us at (713) 331-1040 or fill the form below!

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Mental Health

Mental Health Marketing Company

Majority of mental health practitioners have tried a couple of marketing strategies to attract new clients, but majority of them do not have a comprehensive marketing plan for building or growing a mental health private practice.

You don’t want to waste money and time implementing strategies that don’t work, so it’s advisable you work closely with a reliable marketing partner so you can get your desired results.

By creating and following a comprehensive marketing strategy and working with an experienced mental health private practice marketing partner, you will achieve your desired results within a short period of time.

What are the best strategies to implement to get the best of results for a mental health company? How can mental health professionals communicate their value differentiators to interest customers? Consider the following key strategies:

  • Clear Branding: Ensure you do a clear branding for your mental health company.
  • Internet Marketing: Leveraging on internet marketing to grow your business is a must if you really want to take your mental health company to the next level. Years ago, potential customers may have turned to the phone book to find a care provider, but nowadays they go online for research. To stay ahead of the competition, every clinic or care provider needs a responsive web design.
  • Search Marketing: An appealing and attracting website doesn’t make sense if visitors aren’t using it. That’s where SEO comes in! The aim of SEO is its effective website ranking, making it easier for prospects to find mental health care services. A mental health marketing firm might use search engine optimization (SEO) and/or pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns to increase a site’s visibility and generate more leads.
  • Engaging Social Media: The sole aim of using social media is engagement. The higher the engagement, the more it’s successful. We specialize in developing an integrated content strategy that accelerates true social engagement.

If you’re interested in learning more about mental health marketing, call us today at (713) 331-1040 or fill the form below!

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Home Improvement

Home Improvement Marketing Company

As a property owner, you need the services of a home improvement marketing company to attract leads. Establishing credibility, skill and reliability require a skillfully designed website and solid marketing execution. When you invest well in home marketing services, you are guaranteed sales leads.

Effective Marketing Strategies for Home Improvement Brands

Every company in the home improvement industry needs effective promotion. That’s where Smart Marketing comes in! Smart marketing generates active leads that can be converted into loyal customers.

Highlighted below are some of the effective marketing strategies each home improvement marketing company should follow:

  • Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Web Design: In today’s competitive home improvement industry, a catchy professionally designed website is very important. Potential customers usually go online to search for information relating to home improvement. A website may be the first place they learn about a company’s services and work. With the help of a home improvement marketing company, a home improvement brand will be able to create a responsive website viewable on all devices, aimed at turning visitors into prospects.
  • Internet Marketing: Aggressive online marketing boosts business visibility on Google pages and other search engines. The overall aim of internet marketing is to generate massive traffic, attract leads and improve conversion rates.
  • Offline Marketing: Offline marketing with good strategies is important as well. According to research, we still have the majority of prospects that prefer offline marketing such as business cards to direct mail campaigns to tradeshow booths compared to online marketing.

To learn more, call (713) 331-1040 or fill the form below!

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Cardiology Marketing Company

Artgro is a trusted name when it comes to hiring professional digital marketing and web solutions in Houston TX. Our professional services include search engine optimization, pay-per-click marketing, and social media marketing. Our team of expert designers, developers, and digital marketing experts can build a fruitful digital marketing campaign and make your cardiology clinic show sustainable growth.

Benefits from Cardiology Marketing Services

By taking advantage of the support of a cardiology marketing agency, a cardiology business gets help overcoming challenges and increasing revenue. A customized, researched, data-driven cardiology marketing plan, can:

  • Distinguish itself from the competition
  • Maximize the impact of advertising
  • Increase leads and lead conversion
  • Build loyalty among referrers
  • Create a strong online presence
  • Move its practice forward with increased profits


Types of Marketing Strategies Used in Cardiology.

Talking about promotion for Cardiology practices, here are some effective leading strategies that can be useful:

  • Content Marketing: Every website needs an engaging content to keep visitors glued to their computer dashboard every time. Ensure your website is filled with SEO unique content. Artgro content creators will craft creative search engine optimized content that will appeal to users and help keep them engaged and interested.
  • Internet Marketing: To improve online presence and awareness, aggressive online marketing must be implemented to get good results.
  • Printed Marketing Materials: Never underrate the power of printed creative materials such as brochures and business cards to spread the word in Cardiology. A cardiology marketing firm can help with these mediums, too, giving a cardiology practice a boost in exposure with branded, professional materials to use.

In conclusion, promoting Cardiology businesses is all about strategy and the best of research. To get the best returns on investment, a company needs research-backed, data-driven strategies that can get it in front of prospects and draw them through its doors.

To learn more about building business for your cardiology company, call us today at (713) 331-1040 or fill the form below!

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DJ Advertising Company

As a DJ, getting hired for entertainment and social events could be challenging especially if you are new in the entertainment industry.

What can you do to market yourself to the right targeted audience?

How can you generate more leads and convert these leads into loyal clients?

These are questions answerable to a DJ Marketing company.

Looking at a specific business based on general perspective, a DJ marketing company can create a customized marketing plan that incorporates some of the leading DJ marketing services available today. From Internet marketing to referral programs to community events, highlighted below are some of the most effective marketing for DJs:

Online Marketing from Web Design to Search Marketing

Research shows that 78% of the world population is online and on social media using their laptops or smartphone to surf the internet.

When Potential client use search engines to search for DJs, there is a better chance of getting found.

Internet marketing involves search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) techniques that are aimed at making a website more visible.

Another effective marketing strategy is Email marketing which involves targeting prospects in their mailboxes.

Investing in web design as a DJ company helps ranks the company higher in search results through strategic content marketing and strategy.

If you want to learn more about DJ marketing and how to leverage on it to get results, call us today at (713) 331-1040, or fill out the form below.

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