Chicago Digital Marketing & SEO Agency

Artgro is a digital marketing & SEO agency serving Chicago, Illinois.
We specialize in providing online marketing solutions to small businesses and international organizations. Our seasoned team helps brands to tell compelling stories in an innovative way. And we tell these stories by developing brilliant ideas and transforming them into well designed campaigns that span all things digital.


Our team of experienced professionals will handle every aspect of online presence.

UX Design: Your app or website appearance influences how visitors feel about your brand, let us put your business on the right path.

Search Engine Optimization: SEO is still as important as ever.

WEB DESIGN: Intelligent, scalable web design is the foundation of a profitable online business. Your website should be an intuitive experience that captures leads, appreciates in value, and is scalable.

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: This involves promoting your business to prospects on social media platforms using engaging and compelling content. Our approach to social media marketing embraces the fact that, rather than living in a vacuum, social media plays a vital and integrated role in your marketing mix.

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