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Artgro is one of Houston’s leading digital marketing agencies, and we aim to help our clients reach more customers and rank higher on search engines like Bing, Google, and Yahoo. Today, one of the ways to get more exposure and website traffic is by doing paid search management or PPC. This is a marketing strategy that focuses on data-driven marketing, and this will help your businesses target potential customers in suitable locations using a campaign by Google Ads. Here at Artgro, we will help you get the hang of paid search management if you think that this is something that could be suitable for you and your businesses. Plus, this is a marketing strategy that can increase your sales while also elevating your knowledge when it comes to integrated marketing. Does it sound interesting? Why not reach out to us at Artgro to schedule a call with our team of experts? We would love to have you on board.

Why Paid Search Management is Important

Artgro’s paid search management or PPC services is one of the most in-demand services we’re offering right now, as there are various benefits to this type of marketing.

Not only will your business gain lead and customer acquisition, but it can also generate new and multiple sales opportunities via different online platforms. Plus, there’s a marketing automation software that can gather the data from each user and customer activity through the entire funnel – this is something that can be very helpful in ensuring that revenues are made.

Here at Artgro, we will also help you optimize, develop and design your websites to ensure that your potential customers won’t have a hard time finding the products or services they’re looking for. This is essential if you want to convert new leads or visitors into paying customers.

Lately, paid search management has been all the rage, and it’s not hard to figure out why.

The Difference Between Paid Social and Paid Search

A lot of people can get confused with all the PPC terms that are coming up here and there. This is why we want to help you differentiate paid social and paid search digital marketing. Not only will this help you gain more knowledge when it comes to online marketing, but it can also help you run your website so much smoother.

Paid Social

  • This is interruption-based marketing.
  • This is targeting very specific audiences on social media platforms.
  • This is a marketing strategy that minimizes the amount of time between a customer who’s discovering a product and buying their product.

Paid Search

  • This is intent-based marketing.
  • This is paid to target ranking higher on people’s search engine queries.
  • This is a marketing strategy that already captures interest in a customer that already exists as they’re already searching for a particular product that you have.

Here at Artgro, we believe that paid search marketing can benefit you and your businesses.

So why not schedule a meeting to know more about how this can help your business today?

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It’s time to try a new form of marketing like paid search management.
You might be surprised at how great this performs, and you’ll see the tremendous results it can have for business owners like you.

Why Artgro?

Artgro is one of the leading digital marketing agencies based in Houston, but we provide our services to clients around the United States of America.

We believe that helping our clients reach their goals is essential. Plus, this can help their businesses thrive and grow – we believe that paid search management or PPC is something that can help business owners tremendously if they give it a try.

Here at Artgro, we know that trying something for the first time might be daunting. However, there’s also something immensely empowering as you slowly step out of your comfort zones.

So why not try paid search management today and see whether it’s something that you would like to keep doing for your business? After all, the results will speak for themselves, and you might be surprised at how great this actually is.

For more information regarding our paid search management or PPC services, give us a call at Artgro today.

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"Business was booming just after a few weeks of Artgro! Thank you so much!"

Rene Sanchez

"We love our website because of the team at ArtGro! Almani is wonderful to work with and overall a great experience! Almani met with our doctor and understood what we were looking for. Within a week we went live and he achieved what other companies said they would in a matter of 6-8 weeks time. Very reasonable with the cost and excellent customer service!"

Dr. Sonya

Mirvana Acupuncture

"Artgro, has rebuild our company website. We cannot be any happier! The designs are a complete reflection of our business!! Mohammed has provide us a fantastic and high tech results with our customers!! - Thank you! MEGA Limo."


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