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Nowadays, the majority of dentists invests heavily into one-off marketing strategies that don’t guarantee good returns on initial investment. To get good returns from your marketing funds, implementing result driven dental marketing strategies is very important.

The 4 Ds of Effective Dental Marketing

  1. Ensure you don’t abandon your website: If you are considering building a new website or updating an old one, our team will professionally do the job for you. Our seasoned team of experts can develop and build a professional, custom and mobile-ready website that will engage your customers in an enticing way. We help you create the best first impression needed to attract your prospects.
  2. Dominate your local Google search: When people need a particular service or product, they go online to search on Google and other search engines. The higher your business is ranked on Google and other search engines, the higher your chances of patronage. That’s why your dental office needs a good SEO strategy. SEO uses on-site and off-site content and keyword placement to improve your local search engine rankings. SEO is highly effective but does require time and expertise, so many dentists prefer to outsource this task to a competent and reputable dental marketing company.
  3. Drive local traffic with effective advertising: How effective is your advertising strategy? It’s painful if you spend heavily on advertising without getting good returns. To avoid this, be sure your ads are trackable. You can improve traffic by offering a special discount to people offline. And if you are considering implementing an Internet marketing ad campaign, such as a Google AdWords or Facebook Ads campaign, you can send them to a unique landing page to request information or book an appointment. Ensure you put your Ads into the test on a small scale so you’ll be sure if they are working well or not. If you are in doubt, consider hiring an experienced reputable dental marketing agency for help.
  4. Don’t neglect your existing patients: When your business is booming, do not neglect your existing patients. You can keep in touch with your existing patients via email marketing. A regular informative email newsletter plus personalized reminders will both educate your patients and let them know you care.

At Artgro located in Houston TX, we work according to our motto which is providing effective dental marketing every day. If you are considering starting a new dental practice or you want to rejuvenate an existing practice, our sole aim and objective is to get your phone ringing.

We offer the ingredients for dental marketing success, right here in-house, plus remarkable customer service.

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