Lawyer Marketing Services

Have you noticed a change in the client’s patronage? Ever wondered why your web marketing investment doesn’t yield positive results?

Currently, most attorneys face challenges in the area of web marketing. The top-performing agencies are those that adapt to a changing environment. We assess your current marketing, competitive landscape and business goals to formulate a custom plan-of-attack.

With the right web marketing tools at our disposal, we help implement effective strategies that adapt to the changing Web environment which are also aligned with your business direction to deliver high-performance results.

Making your Website Productive

A good business without a good productive website doesn’t worth it. At Artgro Law marketing, we provide custom, professional-grade design customized solutions for your law firm. Our designs are data-driven and based on best practices inspired by you. These customized solutions say everything about your firm and therefore help you stay ahead of your competitors.

Invest in Content Marketing and SEO for Lawyers

“Content is King” like they always say.

Investing in content marketing and SEO is paramount for your success as these get you your desired returns on your marketing investment.

SEO is a method used in ranking your website on the first page of Google with your desired keywords.

It utilizes and focuses on what the search engines use in order to make sure you rank as high as possible and thus get more site visits, which results logically in more clients.


Create Accurate Listings in Directories and on Social Media

As a lawyer, the key to your online marketing success is business visibility.

Ensure your Firm is listed on online directories such as Yellow pages and Google along with accurate contact and location information.

Not only that, ensure you encourage your clients to leave feedback after using your services as this will encourage new clients to test your services.

These listings are occasionally the top search engine results, so investing in their accuracy is well worth your time. Endeavor to create professional profiles on top social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

You can get in touch with a lawyer marketing agency to help you set up and manage these campaigns.

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