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If you supporting professionals and businesses in a professional way, most times you lose focus. Even though this is a good way to deliver quality customer service, it’s sometimes difficult to find new clients. Most times you spend more of your time serving the clients you have that finding time to market to new ones becomes challenging.

Professional services marketing relies strongly on Internet marketing to keep your business front and center in the minds of those who need what you offer, while you are free to focus on serving existing clients. Here are some tips that will help you with marketing for professional services.

Increase Your Visibility Online

To get good results, you must have an online presence that is professional and highly visible. Strategies like SEO and PPC are well known to improve your business visibility online. SEO allows you to use links, content, keywords and other strategies to ensure your website is ranked higher and easily found. Working with a professional services marketing agency will ensure that you are able to keep your website at the top with strong SEO tactics.

Use Email Marketing

Direct email-marketing which involves getting prospects email addresses and permission to add them to your newsletter are effective. You can also send helpful tips, strategies, special offers and other information through email to your contacts. Email marketing can help keep your services at the forefront of people’s minds, while also securing repeat business by branding your company or yourself as an expert in your field.

Creating a professional Social Media Profile

Social media can be effective with professional services marketing. With social media profiles on sites such as Facebook and Twitter, you can promote the content you are producing for your website and keep your name top of mind with those who could use your services. Furthermore, social media pages rank well in search engines. Don’t neglect to create a robust presence on LinkedIn, which is where the professionals you’re targeting will be spending much of their time.

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