Why your business needs to be on Instagram

Are you thinking of promoting your small business for free over the social media and you are wondering if Instagram would work? After knowing the fact that “Instagram’s engagement is 15 times greater than that of Facebook”, you can well imagine how huge the potential of this platform is. If you are running a small business, with a few customers, Instagram can help you ramp up the number of audience, eventually turning your business into a huge one. Here are some tips and benefits of using Instagram for your small business:

Tips & Benefits:
Advertisement Potential:

Instagram holds huge potential for ads. In 2015 an estimated $595 million was spent on mobile ads and by 2017 the Instagram ad revenue will rise to $2.81 billion. That gives you the golden opportunity of promoting your business through this platform and to connect with your potential clients.

Audience Interests:
Be aware of the interests of your audience, and post accordingly. The adults share more pictures of art, nature and locations while the teens are rather interested in viral and humorous sort of things. Be knowledgeable of what your audience would like the most. It might not be necessarily professionally shot images of your product; these days people prefer natural images taken from your cell phone.
Hashtags are used by Instagram users to sort their photos. So you can search for and use the relevant hashtag to find people and make more followers. if you want to prevent you photos from getting buried into the feed make sure that you are attaching the right hashtag to it.




Short Videos:
Videos and gifts are becoming increasingly popular on Instagram and it is no longer a platform for still pictures only. Keep your videos short and sweet as people lose interest in videos that are longer than 2 minutes.

clock-HoustonBest time:
Although the user activity here is consistent during the week but the recommended peak times are 1400 hrs to 1500 hrs and from 2000 hrs to 2100 hrs, with Mondays and Wednesdays being the most engaged days. While, 2100 hrs to 2200 hrs has been noticed to have the weakest engagement, especially on Sundays. This is a general observation; you can notice when your customers are more engaged depending on your own experience.



Over-Doing is a Bad Idea:
Instagram is not about advertising your product all the time. You can use logo and brand name in your posts but let it be nominal. Promoting your business here is totally different from doing it in a magazine or TV channel. Instead of putting forward images of your product all the time, you can capture some inspirational moments and share them with your followers. When they enjoy being with you they will enjoy your product too.

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