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Artgro is a Houston online marketing company that provides pay per click (PPC) management services to small businesses. Are you interested in learning pay per click advertising? Would you love to learn from the professionals without going through hassles? Leveraging on the power of PPC isn’t easy as it seems. But don’t worry Artgro is here to help you out. At Artgro in Houston, TX. We have the skills, knowledge and experience to help drive your internet marketing campaigns to the next level through the use of smart strategies. As a forward moving company, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses to improve their online presence with smart efficient advertising and marketing plans guaranteed to boost your business traffic and conversion rates. If you really want to attract and retain your targeted audience and achieve your business dreams, why don’t you give us a call today and let our experts do the rest for you.

The differences between SEO and PPC are highlighted below:

  • SEO depends on the content on your website including blog entries, on page copy, and product descriptions while PPC is specifically related to the display of your company’s ads on search engine.
  • Successful PPC campaign is dependent on your budget.
  • PPC can improve your overall search engine rankings including the SEO content on your website.
  • PPC analysis data relating to lead conversions while SEO doesn’t.

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