E-commerce basically means electronic commerce and it is used to describe any form of business whose main form of operation involves the transfer of information, goods, services, and payment online. The various kind of E-commerce can be differentiated based on the kind of structure that is set and this includes Business to Business, consumers, and businesses:  business to consumer and consumer to consumer format.  E-commerce makes it easier for businesses and consumers to interact online regardless of their geographical location or time zone. It also makes it easier for businesses to market their products directly to consumers and the various types of E-commerce include electronic payments, online shopping, Internet banking, online auctions, and online ticketing.

Artgro makes use of an advanced technology that provides an open source shopping cart software that provides businesses with a competitive advantage. It is common knowledge that eCommerce online platforms can be difficult to set up but with Artgro the process is a lot easier. We will set up everything up for your business and all you will need to do is to add product, images and product descriptions. We are different from other companies that provide e-commerce services because we don’t place a limit on a number of products that you can upload and we also don’t deduct transaction fees. This is one of the reasons why we pride ourselves as a leader in the e-commerce solutions industry.

E-commerce is unarguably the biggest online business at the moment and it is growing every day. This is because it makes it easier for businesses to sell their products and services to customers; it is more convenient, cheaper, and faster. E-commerce provides business with everything that they will need to set up a standard business strategy.


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