3 Signs Your Site Provides a Bad User Experience

In today’s digitally advanced age, establishing a website is not the most important thing. Your website interface must be aesthetically designed to attract visitors.

The idea of “if you build it, they will come” won’t work out unless you keep the user experience in mind at all times.

Actually, Google has a bit of an obsession with user experience. If you don’t make it a priority in your web design, you might get negative results on your search rankings. When your objective is to improve your SEO and improve your conversions, you’ll attempt to do everything in your power to prevent a bad user experience. But if any of the following signs sound familiar to you, you’re probably going to want to hire some new website designers as soon as possible.

  1. Unappealing Web Design

One major disadvantage of UX includes overcrowded, ugly, and/or dated web design. An old layout, pages filled with banner ads, obvious animated elements, auto-play videos or music, large sized images, or deliberately staggering text can all ruin any chance you have of enticing visitors. All of these components make you look old fashioned and have no idea what you’re doing.

According to a survey, 30% to 90% of users say they’ll stop interacting with a website if they feel the design is poor. Besides, they’ll be less likely to even trust your company in the future. Your web design should be professional, clean, and attractive while supporting your brand’s image. If you can get a new website to get the job done, then it’s worth the investment.

  1. Slow Loading Speeds

The aesthetics of your site are extremely important, likewise its performance. If your website won’t even load, visitors won’t be able to appreciate all that design work. In fact, they’ll probably abandon the search entirely. Approximately 47% of internet users believe a site should take no more than two seconds to load. Research shows that slow site speeds result in $2.6 billion in lost sales annually.

3. Confusing Navigation

Having an attractively designed website is cool. But it also needs to be easy for visitors when navigating on your web pages. If your navigation is confusing, visitors might decide to check another website.

If you’ve left out the most popular landing pages like search, support, contact, about, or login information, visitors probably won’t even bother. They’ll write you off as being unprofessional and will look elsewhere for what they need.

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