How to Improve Your Instagram Reach

Apart from promoting your businesses on Facebook, Instagram is another promotional platform to improve your business visibility in the Virtual world.

From small businesses to top global brands, Instagram accounts are grown daily.

According to research, we have over 800 million active users on Instagram, and 80% of Instagram accounts follows at least one business.

Marketers now use their Instagram accounts to make money.

So the question is, how can you build your instagram fan base?

Highlighted below are tips to help you get started.

1. Post Creative Content

Posting creative content on your account enables fans to like and comment on your posts. Ensure you include attractive colors and frame your photos well for better engagement.

2. Use the Right Hashtags

Hashtags are used to reach out to audience that are not following you. So it’s advisable to use the right tags to attract the right audience.

3. Encourage Your Followers to Create Content

When you post content every time, you might be short of ideas. You can ask your followers to create content to your own advantage.

4. Organize Contests

If you want to build your instagram account, endeavor to organize contests and give out some freebies to motivate your audience and improve brand engagement.

5 Collaborate with Influencers

For fast growth of your instagram account, it’s necessary to get in touch with the right influencers to endorse you. Try as much as possible to reach out to influencers in your niche having teeming fans.

6. Post Content at the right time.

You need to post content during a specified time to impact your engagement levels.

So, how do you extend your instagram reach?

If you’ve been struggling to extend your instagram reach, no worries there is a solution.

There is no magic to improve your engagement rate, all you need to do is implement the tips above to get desired results.

As the Instagram algorithm continues to change along with user behavior, a combination of experimenting on-platform and heavy promotion off-platform is the way to go about maximizing your reach.

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