Law Firm SEO Basics for Blogging Attorneys

Most of the best legal blogs are written by lawyers who are passionate about their job. But most times, these same attorneys have no idea on how to rank these blog posts on search engines like Google which is a crucial factor in attracting new customers and business.

The good news is, if you are such a lawyer, there are some easy things you can do to boost your blog with law firm SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Create Killer titles

Great titles or headlines are key to achieving top rankings. Search engines like Google use your titles to figure out what your blog posts are about and assign them value. So make sure your headlines are clear, meaningful, and descriptive.

Use Important Law Firm SEO Keyword Phrases.

Attorney keyword phrases are the words that people type into search engines when they are searching for a law firm online. They usually involve a city/state/region, plus a practice area, including the term attorney(s)/lawyer(s)/law firm. An example would be “Los Angeles, California patent attorney” or “California divorce lawyer.”
The first step is to figure out what your keyword phrases should be. Once you have made a list, check if you are using any of these terms in your blog posts naturally. If so, great! If not, you are undermining your own efforts.

Write Niche Topics only

A newly-minted Boston personal lawyer who wants to rank high for this same phrase must put in the time. Sometimes, when you live in a highly competitive region, or you practice in a highly competitive practice area, it might be difficult to rank well for the most sought after terms.

Write Frequently – At Least Once a Week

We have countless number of legal bloggers out there, if you want to be found, then you need to write consistently and write at least once a week. Create a schedule about how you will start blogging and work according to your schedule.

You can even write all your articles for the month at once and post at a later date. Also, take time to think about typical problems that will pop up – because they will — and decide ahead of time how you will head them off.


Blogs can be a great way for law firms to engage an audience and attract new business. However, creating quality relevant content that will entice people to read is not an easy job. If your firm wants to invest in content, be sure that the quality of what you publish is an accurate representation of your professional expertise. Live up to that standard, and you’ll have success. Stray from it, and you’ll be sabotaging your efforts.


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