Three Actionable SEO Tips For Real Estate Agents

Three Actionable SEO Tips For Real Estate Agents

SEO means Search Engine Optimization, which is a process implemented to rank website higher on search engines.

According to research, internet users focus more on the first page of Search engine sites. Ensuring your website is found on the first page is very important.

Targeting Local Keyword Phrases

A greater percentage of home shoppers start researching online using a local keyword phrase like” California realtor”

Majority of realtors operates within multiple cities and regions. But when you create your website, ensure you focus on the main city. From there, you can create a strategy that will target other areas.

Optimize your website for search terms such as:

  • [City] real estate
  • [City] homes for sale
  • [City] real estate listings
  • [City] realtor
  • [City] real estate agent

These words can appear on pages throughout your website. For example, a website focusing on just California Realty might be organized like this:

  • California Homes for Sale
  • Living in California
  • California Real Estate Testimonials
  • About Your California Realtor

Every section of these pages will be incorporated with local keyword targets working them into useful content to a prospect.

Making your website a resource is very important as well. A section of the website like “Living in California” ensure you provide information on school districts, crime rates, median income, public transportation, and statistics on the average homeowner.


Create an engaging and mind-blowing content.

To stay ahead of the competition in the real estate industry, you need to create an engaging and mind-blowing content.

Creating awesome content that educates, informs, and engages consumers through the entire customer life cycle will be a requirement for any business looking to survive the decades to come. Consumers are in the driver’s seat and have grown to expect value added experiences.

Have a Mobile-First Website Design

80 percent of prospects are on mobile. They carryout in-depth research with the use of their mobile phones or tablets.

Building a mobile responsive website attracts your potential clients fast.

A strong mobile-first website design will include content for on-the-go consumption, such as optimized and easy-to-click images and videos, clear call-to-actions, and easy-to-find neighborhood or listing information.

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