Why Blogging Is Necessary for Your Legal Firm

In today’s content-driven world, you may begin to wonder if opening a blog for your legal firm is worth it. But there’s a reason why the majority of marketers prefer content marketing. Research shows that marketers who prioritize blogging are thirteen times as likely to achieve a positive return on investment. Publishing content that’s helpful for your target audiences naturally attracts them to your brand by boosting SEO, illuminating thought leadership and humanizing your brand.

Blogging for SEO

Every law firm desires good SEO for their practices, but only a few achieve it. There are many competitors out there looking forward to be found on the first page of search engines. Some years back, it was enough to simply include targeted keywords on your website and leave the rest. But nowadays, it’s highly competitive, you need to be supplying and updating fresh website content in order to be relevant in the SEO game. In fact, 72% of marketers agree that relevant content creation is the most effective SEO trick.

The best way to approach blogging for your law firm is to be as specific as possible. Creating nicherelated topics that are highly relevant to the types of legal services you offer will help you to start ranking for the right keywords. For instance, if your firm focuses on personal injury cases, providing in-depth personal injury content on your blog is key. The more niche topics you cover, the higher your firm’s chances of getting ranked for those subjects. Your firm will start appearing in searches for dog bites, car accident injuries and workers’ compensation the more you write about them. Although it takes time to see results, with consistent, quality content production, you’ll see the payoff.

Blogging to Establish Expertise

Professionalism is key in the legal industry. Prospects want to know that the law firm they choose has extensive experience dealing with cases just like theirs. Although experience is generally shown through case history or in-person meetings, your blog can also play a role in this positioning. A well-maintained blog that’s loaded with insightful information will establish your firm’s credibility while prospects are still at the very top of the marketing funnel.


In today’s information age, the importance of quality online content cannot be neglected. Showing your target audience your level of professionalism and attracting them to your website with highly relevant content is the key to inbound marketing. Whether you’re looking to improve your search rankings, showcase your experience or communicate your humanity, a blog can be of great help to you.

Begin with a content calendar and see how the power of content marketing could transform your legal firm.

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