Social Media Use in the Industrial Sector

Are you using social media for your industrial business? If not, you may be missing out. It’s the number one way to create a buzz around your business and the best way to get your name out there. Whether you are looking to increase your company’s awareness, enhance engagement with your followers, or show your expertise in the industry, social media is the way to go.

It’s Like Word of Mouth but Better

What better way is there to get your name out there than to have others share it, right? We used to have to rely on word of mouth, but social media makes it even easier. Your reach goes further even with just a handful of people sharing the news. Your news goes to hundreds of others and the trend may not stop there. It takes word of mouth by storm.

You Can Show your Expertise

There’s a lot to show off in the industrial sector and sometimes words just aren’t enough. A how-to video or even just a video with important information is much more likely to be shared than a regular post with words. People love videos – they can get the information they need more engagingly and if they love it, they will probably share it.

You can Build a Professional Network

Even if you connect with just one person if it’s the right person, it can lead to higher sales and revenue for your company. You need to continually build your professional network and social media has a much farther reach than you could ever make happen in person. You can network with individuals, professional organizations, and corporations all from the comfort of your office chair.

You can Build Traffic to your Website

If you want more people to visit your website to see what your company is all about and what they offer, you have to be on social media. Sharing links, specials, and important information that all link back to your website not only drives traffic there, but it also encourages Google and the other major search engines to rank your website higher because of the backlinks sending them there.

Don’t ignore the importance of using social media in the industrial sector. Social media isn’t all about celebrities and fashion trends. There are plenty of benefits for everyone in every industry or at least those that want to expand their network.

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SEO for Manufacturers: Everything You Need to Know

Finding leads online means you need to take advantage of search engine optimization. Most people don’t scroll past the first few entries in Google and if you don’t use search engine optimization techniques, chances are you won’t be found.

So how do you get found? Check out the tips below.

Create Keyword Rich Content

Your website, blog, and social media pages should include keywords appropriate for the industry. Know what keywords you want to rank for and properly place them throughout your documents. Make sure the placement is thoughtful and useful – search engines can tell when they are haphazardly used for the intention of ranking in the search engines.

Get Backlinks

Search engines look for ‘votes’ for your website in the way of links. Work with others in the industry to exchange links or even those outside of your industry but that draws in an audience that may be interested in what you have to offer. The more outside links that send readers to your website, the more confidence the search engines will have in it, which may increase your search engine ranking.

Check your Site’s Speed

You want a site that’s user-friendly and fast. Search engines use this information when deciding how to rank your website. If your site isn’t fast enough, search engines won’t recommend it because it will turn readers off. 

Make Sure your Site is Mobile Friendly

Readers look at your website from many different devices, but that doesn’t mean it looks good on every device. You need a site that’s optimized for mobile viewing. Google recognizes sites that aren’t mobile-friendly and it affects your search engine ratings.

Check Your Meta Data

Keywords don’t just belong in your content, there’s the Meta information too. Think of things such as:

  • The page title
  • The website address
  • Image descriptions
  • Alt tags

Google doesn’t use this information to rank your website, but it’s needed to ensure you get the right audience. Again, don’t keyword stuff, but instead, use the keywords wisely.

SEO is an ongoing task. It’s not something you’ll do once and forget about it. The landscape of SEO is constantly changing, which means you constantly need to update your page to keep up your rankings. Google likes updated information, so the more you stay on top of your SEO, the better chances you have of your website ranking where you want it to rank.


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How is B2B Marketing Service Different than B2C Marketing?

Your B2B or business-to-business marketing plan looks a lot different than its B2C or business-to-consumer marketing plan. B2C marketing relies on emotions and desires while B2B marketing relies on more professionalism and benefits. The two are completely different tactics that have different results. 

Check out the differences in B2B marketing below.

Reaching the Right Audience

The first task is reaching the right audience. When you market to consumers, you can be broader in your efforts. While you want to find your niche market, advertising to the general public usually brings results as well. Through word-of-mouth and sharing, B2C advertisements make it to where they need to go.

With B2B marketing, you have to appeal to the person in charge, otherwise known as the boss. It doesn’t matter if everyone in a company likes a particular product, it’s up to the boss or the person in charge to make the purchase. Your marketing skills should be geared towards him. 

Decision Making Process

B2B marketing doesn’t typically invoke immediate decisions. Whether the decision has to go through a variety of channels, or the business owner simply wants to take the time and do the research, it takes time regardless. This is unlike B2C marketing, where many consumers make impulse buys based on the advertisements that lure them to do so.

Knowing what you’re up against and the industry you advertise to is crucial. What components of the decision-making process can you make easier for your target audience? What information can you provide in your ads that will convert them, spurring them to move faster?

Advertising Benefits

B2B buyers have one goal in mind, they want to save money. It doesn’t matter how many benefits your product offers or if you are the only one that provides it in the industry. What they want to know is that their business is going to be positively affected by the product, not just with its benefits, but monetarily too. It’s an angle you don’t have to take with B2C marketing but is necessary for business-to-business if you want to make that hard sell.

Are you ready to see how B2B marketing can change the landscape of your business? Call now at 713-331-1040 to learn more about our B2B marketing services or request a quote online today!

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The Top Marketing Strategies in the Oil & Gas Services Sector

The oil and gas services sector continues to grow at an increasingly fast pace. With the growth, comes the onslaught of numerous investors trying to find their piece of the action. And with the higher consumer demand, comes the need to differentiate yourself from the competition. This means using the right marketing strategies in the oil and gas services sector.

Are you unsure about where to start? Check out our helpful tips below:

Connect Your Company Online

Is your company on social media? If not, it’s time to look into creating a social media account for it. This is one of the top marketing strategies in the oil and gas services. Consumers want to hear from you and what better place than on social media? Share behind-the-scenes footage with your viewers, answer questions, and be vocal about any issues that come up. You’ll not only garner the attention of your audience but with the right use of keywords, you’ll get your company noticed more online.

Provide Good Content

Every online business needs content, it’s how the search engines rank you. It’s not enough to have a static website. You need a blog or page that provides continuously updated information and value. While it is true that quality content that provides education and value do bring in customers, if your content has the right keywords too, it will get your business ranked higher in the search engines as well. 

Use Proper Advertising Techniques

Get your company noticed through the use of advertising. This could be through social media, pay-per-click, or other advertising methods. Choose the techniques that get your company noticed amongst the competition. With paid advertisements, you can target your niche audience and track the results, knowing full well your efforts are paying off right away.

If you don’t know where to start with your marketing strategies in the oil and gas services sector, call the experts in the industry at Artgro. We’ll help you formulate a plan, using the right keywords and strategies that help your company stand out. Call us today at 713-331-1040 or request a quote now!

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Top Tips for Real Estate SEO in Houston, TX

In today’s day and age, everyone turns to the internet before heading out the door, including homebuyers. That’s why real estate marketing is so crucial! If your company and listings can’t easily be found online, you may and soon enough will lose business to your competitors.

So how do you ensure that you are at the top of the search engines? Check out our top SEO real estate tips below:

Get Specific

Don’t make the mistake of trying to rank for basic keywords, such as “realtor” or “real estate agent”. While you can try, you’ll be trying alongside thousands or millions of other realtors too. Instead, use geographically specific or niche-specific keywords. For example, “realtor in Houston, TX” is more specific or “Houston realtor” will attract more customers your way and you would knock out a large amount of the competition when you add that specific word.

Show Your Value

Now don’t make the mistake of “keyword stuffing” just to get ranked, it won’t work! You must provide valuable content with the right keywords in it. By valuable content, we mean content that homebuyers will read and get something out of. Show that you are the expert in the industry and why, let your content answer all the questions; then you’ll start ranking faster than ever.


Link up With Others

Just like in “real life”, we all like referrals. You are more likely to use a service if your friend recommends it, right? The same is true for search engines. If other sites “recommend” you by including your link in their content, the search engines see you as “highly likable” and are more likely to then score your content high in the rankings.


Promotion is Key

You must promote your content! Simply listing a home online does not mean it will get seen. The more you promote it, the more traffic you’ll get. The more organic traffic you get, the more likely search engines are to rank your site higher. Promote yourself on social media, blog posts, and in video marketing. Get your name out there; create a brand for yourself and the SEO in real estate will follow. What you need are the experts that understand real estate marketing and can get you those top rankings. If you’d like to learn more, contact us today!



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Social Media Mistakes Physician Make and How to Avoid Them

Social Media Mistakes Physician Make and How to Avoid Them

Having a web-based life profile(s) is sufficiently not! Web-based life can expand your list items, help surveys, attract new leads, target perfect patients for extraordinary high-income administrations, jump traffic, increment your image mindfulness, thus considerably more! It is an amazing showcasing device, yet very regularly is fouled up with regards to the social insurance industry. Here is the most widely recognized internet-based life botches social insurance experts make.

No web-based social networking procedure

If your web-based life nearness is inadequate with regards to objectives and targets, it is improbable your endeavors will change over to genuine outcomes.

Specialists need an unmistakable thought of what they are attempting to accomplish from web-based social networking and how they will accomplish it.

Your Practice Online can enable you to make and actualize an internet-based life procedure to enable
you to accomplish your objectives.

Conflicting posting

Building an internet based life nearness with connected adherents is much equivalent to building a not insignificant rundown of upbeat patients.

It can require a long time of predictable exertion to get results, yet it is essential to not surrender and post valuable substance consistently.

Without consistency, you disregard the chance to draw in your supporters. Your Practice Online can enable you to make week by week web based life posts and timetable them ahead of time.

Not devoting assets

Albeit web based life is a free showcasing stage, despite everything it requires time and cash to accomplish results.
Assets should be designated from your advertising spending plan for web-based social networking. Your Practice Online can enable you to deal with your internet based life records and remain inside spending plan.

Not focusing on the correct group of spectators

Try not to concentrate exclusively on the number of supporters on your page.
Having adherents is significant, yet getting the correct supporters is the thing that will have any kind of effect on your training.

Your commitment rates will be higher when your supporters either like remark or offer your posts.
Facebook promoting is an incredible method to assemble a following and it enables you to target individuals with explicit socioeconomics, geology, and interests. Artgro can make and deal with your internet based life advertisements to enable you to contact the correct group of spectators.

Let’s talk

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We are eager to learn more about your company and discuss creative ways to build your sales lead pipeline.

We are serving Houston, The Woodlands, Spring, Magnolia, Tomball, Conroe, Sugar land, Katy and beyond.

Our phone number is (713) 331-1040.

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Improve Your HVAC Company’s SEO

Improve Your HVAC Company’s SEO

Gone are the days when the HVAC organizations could essentially fall back on referrals and print notice to increase new customers. Be that as it may, as the degree of rivalry has expanded, it could compare to ever to complete some extra to pick up the consideration of the correct customers.
Today, the majority of your potential clients are scanning for HVAC organizations on the web. To stand
out enough to be noticed and gain their trust, it’s basic for your site to rank at the highest point of Google query items.
What is SEO for HVAC?
Like we all know, SEO principally goes for the arrangement of steps which we have to execute to guarantee that the positioning of the site can improve, and it gets recorded at the top pages in the web crawlers.
We use web crawlers consistently to discover what we need. A large number of searchers are looking for data concerning warming and cooling and HVAC organizations. Some of them even post for the top HVACs masters in their general vicinity.
Without a viable HVAC showcasing technique and nearby SEO, all things considered, your business isn’t appearing in those top spots. This is costing you cash. Since I'd put my cash on the way that you would prefer not to lose yours, you need an HVAC showcasing pro.

The Best SEO for Heating and Air Conditioning
Here are two or three top SEO methodologies that function admirably for the business.
1. Catchphrase Research
Before you can start crafted by SEO, you have to do catchphrase look into. This will enable you to distinguish the words and expressions your potential clients are probably going to utilize when they search for HVAC administrations.
2. Upgrade the site pages separately
Clients visiting your site can be fragmented into three general classes:
– Seeking Your Business Brand – There are the clients that are searching out your HVAC business, explicitly. They are searching for your organization and aren’t focusing on your rivals. They need to think about your administrations, working hours, etc. Along these lines, on the off chance that you have an eye-getting site and the privilege on-page SEO components, you don’t have anything to stress over.
– Chance Visitors – Those who are not by any means searching for a warming and cooling organization. These are the individuals who happened to visit your site by some coincidence. On the off chance that they like what they see, they may come to you when they need HVAC benefits later.

Along these lines, when you upgrade your site, you should target catchphrases for every one of the pages to take into account every one of the classes. Web crawlers list the pages separately and not all in all. In this way, deal with each page separately and target explicit watchwords. The substance is the Key Substance promoting is as yet indispensable. Along these lines, you ought to have a blog and attempt to deliver important, connecting with, and helpful substance as this will get your traffic always. It additionally helps in building up the brand and giving guests the data, they are looking for. There are various advantages of substance advertising and it is essential for SEO achievement.
How might we help?
In case you’re occupied with working in your business, let us chip away at it for you! Contact Artgro
today to construct and execute your HVAC SEO technique.
Keep your site as your most beneficial sales tool.

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