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If you deal in automotive parts, it’s important to have your Parts Catalog listed online for prospects to see. These parts are often searched on Google and can drive new traffic, customers, leads, and sales to your business.

At Artgro in Houston, TX, we specialize in designing ecommerce website for the automotive industry. Our aim is to ensure we improve your business online presence.

Highlighted below are top notch services we offer to our clients:

Search Engine Optimization

SEO puts your auto business in front of Prospects.

Effective SEO requires an understanding of the types of searches done for auto parts. Potential auto parts customers may search for:

  • A specific part
  • Vehicle make and model
  • Function of the part
  • Particular problem being fixed
  • Specific brand names
  • Part numbers

Auto parts distributors and sales professionals can maximize sales by working with an auto parts marketing company that craft engaging and compelling content that includes commonly searched keywords, as well as building links back to their website.


Auto Repair and Service Social Media Marketing

Auto repair shops on social media such as Facebook and Twitter extend their reach to more potential customers. We can leverage on the power of social media for you.


PPC Advertising

Our auto repair pay per click management services are designed to target local in-market customers who need your services.  With instant results, our automotive PPC services will provide your auto repair shop and instant ROI to hit the ground running with great results.


Geographic Specific Internet Marketing

Most automobile parts are large and bulky, and mechanics often shop local to avoid shipping costs. For this reason, Internet marketing SEO, PPC and other online marketing benefits from a geo-targeted focus. Auto parts stores can gain these companies through the use of keywords and content that uses the shop’s location and nearby communities.

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