Marketing for Doctors

Marketing for Doctors

Gone are the days when yellow pages are considered as the best Medical marketing platform, but today marketing for doctors has changed and not that easy as it seems. Nowadays, if you are not building a strong online presence for yourself then you are losing thousands of patient’s every day.

Highlighted below are some of the effective ways to promote your medical practice online:

  1. Build a catchy website: Having an easy to use website creates a good first impression for your patients. Your website information should be precise and contains relevant information about your business with your contact information.
  2. Be sure your local patients and prospects can easily find your site: Over 80 percent of consumers look for local services online, and 72 percent of adult Americans go online for medical advice. If they can’t locate your website easily, they will contact your competitors for help. A well-implemented SEO campaign will help your site appear at the top of the list of local doctors. Whether you do it in-house or you hire a doctor marketing company to help, you’ll want to be sure to use SEO best techniques.

The Top 5 Reasons to Digitally Market with Artgro!

  1. Businesses make an average of $2 for every $1 spent on Google AdWords
  2. Google holds 75% of all paid search revenue and 25% of all online advertising
  3. We offer comprehensive and seamless content marketing, social media and SEO strategy integration as part of our digital marketing.
  4. Our in-house graphic design team has successfully crafted numerous mobile-friendly websites and advertisements aimed at reaching and engaging specifically targeted demographics for our clients.
  5. Artgro’s mobile-friendly formatted social media posting has helped to increase the amount of traffic to one of our clients’ websites by over 64 percent, the rate the practice had the previous year, and we can bring you the same results!

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