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Whether you’re a tech start-up with a new idea for smartphone software or an established business, Artgro offers all the mobile app development resources and services you need to create a commercially viable mobile app. We guide you through every step of the process, drawing on our talented team of in-house professionals can help you refine your concept, design, code, and launch your app on the app stores.

Monitoring Quality

We consistently test & the functionality of the app throughout the build process. It allows us to fix small problems before they become big problems and ensure your app is stable and dependable.

Protect your Investment

We understand this app is your “baby” and making it represents a serious investment on your part. That’s why we have woven a variety of warranty clauses into the fabric of each contract, to give you peace of mind.

A World Class Build Team

There is no substitute for experience. That is why we’ve hired experienced mobile app developers to build you the most feature-rich app possible.

Trusted By 100+ Clients

We are a Houston based company servicing clients around the globe.

Fundamentals First

The services offered by Artgro utilize a feature-focused methodology. Critical features are developed first ensuring a solid and stable app

Customer Engagement

We rely on your feedback to guide the app-building process. To do this, we keep all participating parties updated continuously using a variety of communication methods.


Get Started


Today’s digital marketplace moves at the speed of light – making it faster than ever to get your product to market.  We do everything possible to ensure your project is moving forward rapidly. Our rapid prototyping process and incremental app-development process enable us to launch new products faster than ever before with the added benefit of being able to improve your product continually as your company grows!

iOS App Development

With an ever-growing catalog of interactive, engaging, and fun apps we can ensure you an ROI positive experience. We’ve developed many server-side apps with server components being installed.

Android App Development

Our expert team is Houston based and capable of taking advantage of the Android-specific benefits and converting them into vital features for your users to enjoy!

VR App Development

Need to be on the cutting edge of the marketplace? We can help! Our VR development experience can help you give your clients an unforgettable experience using the power of virtual reality environments.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality bridges the gap between virtual reality and the real world. Using state of the art equipment and bleeding-edge processes, we can help you to reinvent your brand through the power of augmented reality. Let us help you give your clients an experience that will leave their jaws on the floor.

Pinpoint steps of success online


Bring your ideas to the table and we will help evaluate it’s potential by developing a plan leading to its creation.


We are fast, and we hate waiting! That is why we move fast to build a framework diagram that illustrates the applications’ look and performance.


Art and science come together in our labs resulting in a masterful design that will engage your users and leave them wanting more!


We don’t want to keep you waiting. That is why we develop the front end and back end alongside one another. This ensures a seamless harmony between the two that is sure to delight your users


We love surprises, but not when it comes to our apps! That’s why we run all apps we build through a strenuous testing process that brings all the bugs out and leaves behind pure greatness.


Submitting the app to the appropriate app store is not exactly a “fun” process. That is why we do it for you! We have lots of experience with the process and know how to get your app approved and ensure it shows up in the top of the search results.

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