How Does SEO for Oil and Gas Companies Help Your Company Stand Out?

May 28, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

Almost 90% of consumers do research online before making a purchase. This includes the purchase of utilities and industrial products. What does that mean for your company? It simply means if you aren’t online and ranking high in the search engines, your sales will fall, and you may fall prey to the competition.

So how can you maximize your efforts in SEO for oil and gas companies? Check out our tips below.

The importance of Keywords 

The keywords you choose dictate how well your company ranks in the major search engines. You need an SEO strategy that uses the specific industry terms that your audience searches for online as well. But it’s more than just choosing the right words, it’s using them effectively too.

How you use your keywords determines how the search engines rank your company. Just cramming words onto a page doesn’t work. They need to be strategically placed in content, headers, and advertisements. With continually changing algorithms and information, this is an ongoing job for any company.

Providing Quality Content

Quality content doesn’t just mean well-written content. It means content that uses keywords while still providing value. Simply writing a bunch of words and throwing in random keywords doesn’t cut it. Oil, gas, and industrial SEO techniques require you to provide content that readers want to read and learn something from. It helps if you have others linking your content, as it’s like a ‘vote’ for your site letting the search engines know that it provides value.

Optimizing Your URL

Believe it or not, your URL could make or break your search engine ranking. Using the right keywords and naming each page that branches off from your main page is crucial. You want a URL that lets users know what your company does while using the most popular keywords that your company is trying to get a position for in the search engines. Sometimes it’s not about the most popular keywords, but the low-competition ones that not many have thought to capitalize on quite yet.

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