5 Qualities of A Bad eCommerce Website

Jun 27, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

Are you a business owner wondering why your eCommerce website isn’t bringing in the cash flow that you’re hoping for? Yes, your products and services could be the best in your particular location, but do you see high conversion rates or high bounce rates? Well, this could be because you have some qualities of a lousy eCommerce website.

When building and running your eCommerce websites, there are things that you seriously have to think about. Then there are factors that you’ve got to consider, like product descriptions, categorizations, and what-not. So when your websites aren’t the best when it comes to user experience, your sales will also plummet.

If you’re wondering whether you do have a bad eCommerce website, check out these five qualities that most bad eCommerce websites have:

  1. They have product descriptions that are hard to read.

Since the potential customers who want to buy your products online can’t touch or feel your products first-hand, the descriptions you’re going to be writing on the product pages are essential. This is their first impression, so don’t leave potential customers guessing how a product works, feels or looks. Always add high-quality images and use readable fonts to ensure that your product descriptions are as straightforward as possible.

  1. They categorize their products and services in an unsatisfactory manner.

When you’re running an online store, it’s pivotal to list your products in different categories. So while this is standard practice, the type of terms you’re going to use can massively affect the functionality of this feature. So make sure that you’re going to be adding words that are relevant to your audience and are specific in organizing your products in the best way.

  1. They lack search functionality.

When a potential customer is unsure whether what category the product they want to buy is under, then having a search bar is vital. Although, each product description has to be written with terms that are often associated with this product for this feature to work correctly.

  1. They have a checkout process that’s way too complicated.

When a potential customer is ready to complete their purchase, they shouldn’t have to think about how they’ll finish that particular process. You have to make sure that your prices are visible and that the buttons are particularly easy to understand. You’ll have to make sure, basically, that the checkout process makes sense. To most business owners, it’s essential to do a couple of test runs through your eCommerce website to see if you’ve got any loose ends or hard-to-navigate steps.

  1. They have hidden customer support.

Another thing that you’ll have to focus on is the fact that eCommerce businesses need to have a way to offer support for different after-purchase concerns. If there isn’t any support information, this can often frustrate customers, and they’ll never go back to purchasing products or services from your business again.

Naturally, we all want our businesses to succeed, and we all have to know that eCommerce websites are a big deal. Maybe it’s time to step up and revamp your websites, and this is where we come in handy.

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