How to Conduct Addiction Treatment AdWords Campaign?

Jul 3, 2022 | Addiction Treatment Marketing, Blog | 0 comments

Google has posted new restrictions on keywords related to addiction treatment making it difficult for the rehab centers to advertise their facilities. This especially affected the ones who relied on Google as their primary ad platform. The main aim behind taking this huge step was to stop shady rehab centers from posting about their facilities and misguiding people. 

Replacing AdWords Campaign

What Google did was for the greater good. However, it also affected the genuine rehab service providers. But that’s not the end of marketing your rehab center. If you are a legit service provider practicing legally, then here’s how you can replace your Adwords campaign. 

As a legal marketing firm, we have often told our clients that there’s no “only way” to advertise your rehab center. We have multiple platforms where you can talk about your services. You can implement these techniques to market your rehab center:

  • Have a quality website with relevant images
  • Optimize your professional landing page
  • Have technical website SEO
  • Optimized content and metadata
  • Adding informative blogs
  • Brand asset development 
  • Organic search engine marketing 
  • Local and area-specific marketing 
  • Social media management 
  • Paid social media ads
  • Newsletters and emails
  • Testing, tracking and custom reporting 

We also have another effective alternative – Google and Bing paid ads. But we would not recommend you to entirely rely on these as they are highly expensive with a lower conversion rate as compared to organic channels. 

However, there are other platforms which you can explore to market your rehab facility: 

  • Paid ads on social media

Facebook and Instagram have become the major advertising platforms. Even for rehab centers. You can also use Twitter and Snapchat. 

  • Inbound marketing 

Using custom landing pages, email campaigns and gated assets can have a good impact on increasing your brand reach. 

  • Geo-targeting 

It is Google that decides everything, even whether the entered search queries are local or not. Hence, optimize your website for geo-targets. 

Videos can take your website way ahead of what you could have thought of. They are as valuable as written content on your web pages. Therefore, create valuable, good quality videos and market effectively. 

  • Online live chat

Having a live chat feature on your website is beneficial. It helps your viewers contact you directly and you can answer their queries right away. 

If you are a genuine rehab center and wish to help people, then even we are ready to help you. We at Artgro Internet Marketing in Texas, always look forward to helping clients like you who believe in legal marketing tactics. With our experts on your side, you can successfully advertise your rehab center. Contact us now and let us help you reach all those people who need your help.