Don’t Let Coronavirus Ruin Your Small Business

May 28, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

Businesses of all sizes are facing the effects of coronavirus or COVID-19. The ill-effects started early in January when production and shipments from China slowed down or halted all at once, but as the illness peaks in the US, the effects are even worse.

This doesn’t mean your small business has to fail, though. Check out some simple ways you can help your business thrive during these trying times.

Offer Support not Sales

This is a trying time for everyone. Customers don’t want a sales pitch or advertisement – they want to know what you can do for them. Show your care and concern and the sales will come naturally. Companies just out for the sale will be left in the dark.

Offer Other Delivery Options

Social distancing is a real thing right now. People are afraid to be in crowds, even small crowds. Think outside of the box and offer alternatives, such as curbside pickup or home delivery. Yes, it may require more resources, but if no one’s coming into your store, you may have the resources more available than you think.

Allow your Employees to Work Remotely

Technology today makes it easy to allow remote employment yet many companies resist it. The coronavirus makes you realize its importance, though. Between the ability to connect online and the trust you should have in your employees, the work will still get done and your employees have a higher chance of staying healthy. This can help instill a feeling of loyalty in your employees too, as you show your ability to be flexible during such a trying time.

Stay in Constant Communication with Your Customers

Everyone knows this is a trying time but customers want over-communication. They want to know what you are doing to help them and society as a whole. Customers also want to know what precautionary measures you are taking or any other pertinent information you have to share that benefits them in some way.

Watch your Advertising

Society as a whole is sensitive right now. Don’t use this as a time to capitalize on marketing efforts unless you truly can make a difference. Any advertising seen as distasteful could give customers the wrong impression. While you can advertise, make sure there’s value behind it. What can your product do or even what knowledge can you share that will help those panicked right now?

Small businesses are in a unique position today, but there are ways to keep your head above water. It’s all about changing with the times and keeping an eye on what society needs. If you change with the times, your business may do the same. 

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