Five Ways to Prepare Your Website for Incoming Shopping Traffic

Apr 21, 2022 | Blog | 0 comments

Every once in a while, the holidays and the sales that come with them might impact the shopping traffic that our websites get. Sure, this is a great thing, but there’s one question that we have to ask ourselves before getting too excited: is our website ready for it?

It’s pretty annoying when our websites are in the middle of shopping traffic, but then it just decides to crash. Not only is this annoying for a business owner, but it might be annoying to the shoppers as well, and they might even take their businesses elsewhere.

This is why it’s important to prepare your website for these things, especially if you have a massive clientele waiting for that particular season.

Here at Artgro, we’re one of the leading Digital Marketing Agencies in Houston, Texas, and we have years of experience handling websites and e-commerce platforms. This is why we’re giving you five ways to prepare your website for incoming shopping traffic this holiday season:

  1. Start by auditing the SEO of your website.

The first thing that you will have to do is audit the SEO of your website to see if there are any foundational elements that will have an impact on your website’s performance. This would cover various technical issues and structural concerns in connection wit your on-page SEO performance and so much more.

  1. Make sure that your products have a great UX design.

Ensure that the products you’re offering have a great UX design because this is one of the things that would make your potential customers buy what you’re offering. Be sure to have these things ready, and always put high-resolution images that will gather people’s attention so they would want to buy your products.

  1. Get all of your promotions in order.

Remember that the sooner you get all of your promotions in order, the better it will be, as this can be a means to spread the word about your sale. This means that you have to start creating pages, building campaigns, preparing social media posts, and more! This might seem like so much work, but this is vital in ensuring that you get the people you want to attract for your upcoming sale.

  1. Create the perfect landing page for your PPC campaign.

One of the most reliable advertising that you can pay for is Google Ads, and this can be so effective when it comes to getting the target audience you want. Although, it’s best to be reminded that this will require careful management and lucrative keywords. So be sure to discuss this with your digital marketer and your SEO specialist.

  1. Be ready and expect the incoming traffic.

Lastly, check in with your hosting provider regarding the bandwidth of your website to ensure that it’s going to run smoothly on the day of the sale. This is important as nobody wants to shop at a slow website – keep this in mind.

These are simply five ways to prepare your website for incoming shopping traffic. Naturally, there are always more ways for you to prepare, but these five are the most important ones that you should be able to do before the day of the sale.

Artgro can help you with all these things; simply reach out to us to get a free estimate!