How Do You Know if Your Houston Business Needs A New Website?

Oct 4, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

Having a website is one of the most useful things you can ever have, especially if you’re a business owner.

Websites are a way for you to market your products and services, but not only that! You can also build a strong online presence that can seriously help the foundation of your brand if you have a website.

Not to mention the organic growth that you can achieve if you do this.

Although, how do you know if your Houston business needs a new website?

We know how some businesses already have websites, but we also know that some have been running for years now. Just like everything else in life, your business’s website needs to be updated.

Although, how do you know if you need a new website?

Here are three things that you should look at before you decide on purchasing or setting up a completely new website:

  1. How high is your website’s bounce rate?

When your website’s bounce rate is relatively high, then this is an incredibly bad sign. This means that people are going through your website, but they’re immediately leaving. Maybe they’re not finding the information that they need, or perhaps they just don’t like what they’re seeing. As harsh as it may seem, these are factors as to why customers are leaving your websites.

  1. Are your pages loading fast enough?

If you’re scanning through your pages and you’re noticing that your pages aren’t loading enough, then that could mean that you seriously need to upgrade. Remember that people are impatient, so it’s important to have a great page load speed whenever you’re browsing your websites. This will help attract more people to visit your site.

  1. Is your website optimized enough?

Do you know why your website isn’t ranking, or its views aren’t enough? Well, this could mean that your website isn’t optimized enough. So it pays to know SEO or to hire someone who knows about SEO. Today, this is vital when it comes to building your brand’s online presence.

These are some of the things that you have to consider when it comes to your website. If you think that your old website isn’t hitting the benchmark or the goals that you’ve set, then there’s a need for a new one.

Although, there’s no reason to stress out because we can help you with that.

Here at Artgro, we have a great team of web developers, designers, and content creators that can help you reach your business’s full potential. We offer various packages from web design, content creation, and even social media management. Our team will do their magic to create a brand new website that suits your needs.

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