How to Make the Most for Your Rehab Through Marketing

Apr 28, 2022 | Addiction Treatment Marketing, Blog | 0 comments

Best Rehab Marketing Tactics for Recovery Centers

Every other business needs some good and effective marketing, even your rehab center does. It is important to let people know about your addiction center, the facilities you provide along with the quality of treatment and therapies. 

Artgro can help you with marketing your addiction center using these 10 tips and reach out to all those who need help. 

  1. Responsive website design

Firstly, your addiction treatment needs a mobile-friendly website that is also easy to navigate through with strategically placed call-to-action options and a live chat facility. Your site should also have rich content which convinces the audience to inquire about your facility.

  1. Search Engine Optimization or SEO

SEO should stand at number one when it comes to prioritizing marketing strategies. If you don’t have SEO, then it is likely that your website might not pop up at the top when users look for rehab centers online. 

  1. Google business profile or local SEO

Similar to SEO, Google Business Profile helps you appear among the top 3 local rehab centers. Among several options, you can appear at the top, if your center is marketed correctly. 

  1. Content marketing

Come up with authentic and unique content about addiction types, drugs and alcohol, their consequences and how your center can help people with addiction. Once clearly drafted, post it online for people to go through and wait for inquiries. 

  1. Pay-per-click marketing or PPC

It is an effective method of digital marketing that makes you pay only when someone clicks on your advertisement posted on google, bing, Facebook, etc. It’s buying visits. No clicks mean no paying for the ad. 

  1. Social media marketing

Nearly every adult has access to social media in some or the other way. Thus, it becomes a good platform for you to market and talk about your rehab center. Only be sure that your center is LegitScript certified. 

  1. Email marketing

Emails are a great way to stay in touch with your alumni. You can also keep them updated about any upcoming alumni events, gatherings, etc. This way, they can pass on this information to others who may need it. 

  1. Optimized press release

OPR helps you announce any changes that you make to your rehab center such as launching a new website, expanding to a new location, including new treatment methods, etc. It will surface your business at the top, attracting various classes of audience. 

  1. Conversion rate optimization 

CRO is a way to increase the percentage of conversions from your website. As a rehab center, you need to keep on improving your website in terms of content, layout, colors, etc. It is a great way to engage with potential admits. 

  1. Call tracking

Call tracking is a must-have for rehab center websites these days. It lets you dedicate unique phone numbers to particular marketing channels and attract new audiences each time. 

Marketing for addiction center is equally important and Artgro can help you with that. Contact us now to boost your business.