Launching your Rehab Online

Jul 5, 2022 | Addiction Treatment Marketing, Blog | 0 comments

There’s a famous saying, “the first impression is the last impression,” and this implies anything you do, even for a rehab center. As a newly opened rehab center, you have to be sure to make a positive impact on your patients and potential clients. For that, you will need a strong marketing strategy that can help you market your rehab center right the first time. 

Feasibility Study

Before jumping into the market with a new rehab facility, you might want to look at certain aspects which are specific to a locality or a town: 

  • Location of your facility
  • Size of the center
  • Specific treatments 
  • Target audience (demographics and psychographics)
  • Pricing
  • Duration of treatment 
  • The ratio of competitors within your area 

You consider approaching people who have been to treatment before, who have a friend or family member in the treatment facility elsewhere or who know someone who needs treatment. These people could help you determine the feasibility study. They can also help you identify certain areas of work that you would’ve missed otherwise. 

Your Patients Are Your First Marketing Team

Addiction treatment is a vulnerable stage with heightened emotions and racing thoughts. Even a minor inconvenience to your patient at the facility can lead them to talk ill about your facility. Therefore, aim at providing the best care to your patients and fulfilling all their needs. If they have a good experience at your facility with progressive healing results, they are surely going to talk about it to their friends and family. This way, they act as your referral sources which are extremely important for an emerging business. 

10 Things to Consider Before Opening A New Rehab Facility 

Opening a new rehab center is not an easy job. Here are ten things you would like to consider before opening a new rehab center: 

  1. Identify your niche market
  2. Confirm your source of funds
  3. Aim at an area with numbers that justify location and number of beds
  4. Make a business plan for 1, 3 or 5 years
  5. Design a marketing plan for 1 to 3 years
  6. Obtain necessary licenses 
  7. Partner up with local industry leaders
  8. Choose the best staff
  9. Lead news or industry trends 
  10. Be vigilant and flexible 

As a new rehab facility in town, you will need a strong marketing plan and a powerful marketing team to execute that plan. The best you can do to achieve this is to approach Artgro Internet Marketing in Texas. We have a team of expert marketers who can help you grow your business right from day-1. Contact us now, and let’s make a powerful impact the first time.