Marketing for Addiction Treatment Centers: What Does it Entail?

Apr 28, 2022 | Addiction Treatment Marketing, Blog | 0 comments

Oftentimes, addiction treatment centers neglect the opportunity to market their services and website. There could be various reasons behind it but, even addiction treatment centers require marketing just like any other business. Thus, we at Artgro are here to help you market your addiction treatment center. 

The process begins with addressing the referral sources who can bring in more patients to your center. Some of your referral sources could be: 

  • Friends and family
  • Counselors and teachers
  • Employers and colleagues 
  • Alumni and other recovering addicts
  • Courts 
  • Paid calls or leads from online sources 

Referrals could be of great help when it comes to marketing an addiction center as they mainly work on the “word of mouth” theory. People usually go to referred centers instead of hunting for a new one for themselves. Hence, you need a good marketing strategy that reaches these referral sources and influences them to spread the word about your addiction center. 

Traditional Marketing Strategies 

Referrals could be of great help but it’s not a bad idea to also rely on previously practiced “traditional marketing strategies”. These old-school tactics also work these days. Since they have been in place in the past and have proven successful, might as well just give it a try right? So let us go through some of these traditional marketing strategies: 

  • Events and sponsorships

Some of the events which can help you grow are:

  1. Addiction awareness events 
  2. Health and wellness fairs
  3. Alumni reunions 
  4. Addiction task force meeting 
  • Earned media

This is how you can begin:

  1. Understand whether earned media will be helpful
  2. List down the people whom you can pitch 
  3. Learn more about their media
  4. Identify your stories that would align with the kind of media your potential target produces
  5. Pitch them
  6. Repeat 
  • Radio and interviews 

Radio, interviews, podcasts, etc. are all effective marketing ways. Traditional but effective. 

  • Outdoor advertising 

This has been a successful advertising medium for a long time. You can put up your advertisements on: 

  1. Billboards
  2. Sponsor sports activities and other stations
  3. Transit stops
  4. Buses 
  5. Paste flyers at retail shops and nonprofits
  • Direct emails

Well, these always work and a lot of other companies use them. You can do the following: 

  1. One isn’t enough
  2. Personalize 
  3. Target the right audience 
  4. Present well 

Online Marketing Strategies 

It is the era of online businesses and marketing. There are plenty of online marketing options out there which could be of your help too such as: 

  1. Paid advertising
  2. Content marketing 
  3. Search Engine Optimization or SEO
  4. Social media marketing 
  5. Conversion rate optimization 
  6. Networking
  7. Email marketing 

Wish To Follow These Strategies? 

Addiction centers too need the right kind of marketing to reach their audience, after all, it is for a good cause. Contact Artgro to help you build an effective marketing strategy for your addiction center.