SEO vs PPC: Which is Better For Rehab Marketing

May 12, 2022 | Addiction Treatment Marketing, Blog | 0 comments

SEO vs. PPC? What’s Right for Your Rehab Business

Rehab centers have been relying on PPC for marketing their services, but a few years back, Google came up with a major change. They virtually shut down PPC for rehab centers and demanded LegitScript certification to market their services online. Now, PPC is only a good option if you have this certificate and a good sum of money in your pocket to pay for the ads. But till then, we need to find another solution to this marketing issue, specially created for rehab centers. 

SEO – The Long Term Solution 

Now, since the PPC shutdown, rehab center owners have been in trouble as to how to advertise their center and services. The simple answer to their question is – SEO. If you already have well-performing keywords, you can use them in your blogs, landing pages, web pages, etc. and attract visitors. 

SEO is an effective way to surface among the top-rated rehab centers online. If used wisely, SEO is an effective solution. 

You Can Control The Online Conversation With SEO

Now, since you know the importance of SEO and how it will help you market your rehab center, all you need is an expert, some effective keywords, geo-targeting and videos. With all these, you can nail your digital marketing and increase online engagement. 

Keep Writing Blogs

Your rehab center is a part of the huge drug addiction center industry, hence, it is vital to differentiate yourself from others. Blogs are a great way to do so. The blogs you upload on your official website become a good resource for people who are searching about addiction detox, treatment and recovery.

Fixing Lackluster SEO

Adding more content isn’t the only way to improve SEO performance. Along with making new additions, you can relook at what’s already there. Remove all the irrelevant content and refresh what’s useful. 

Google and other online marketing platforms will keep making changes to make digital marketing a tough job for rehab centers, but that shouldn’t stop you. If you don’t have LegitScript certification, do it. Improve your SEO performance and excel in marketing your rehab center online

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