Understanding Google Medics And SEO For Rehab Clinics 

May 25, 2022 | Addiction Treatment Marketing, Blog | 0 comments

As successful digital marketing service providers, we at Artgro have extended our services to several businesses. All of our clients come from different sectors of businesses, like automotive, retail and e-commerce, health and wellness, home services, industrial, legal, professional and other small businesses. 

One of our main clients is the rehab clinics that wish to make an impactful online presence. Their goal is to reach as many people as possible who need help. With an active website, these rehab clinics can attract potential patients but that’s not enough. They require professionals to figure out an SEO strategy. 

Technical SEO Audit

This is the first step of beginning an SEO strategy. We run a technical SEO audit of our rehab client’s websites to understand the issues they face. Some of the common issues usually found are: 

  • No rectification of the website after the Google Medic update in 2018 
  • Incorrect set-up of international SEO 
  • Lots of 404 errors
  • Lack of effective PR which is necessary for a rehab website to achieve Google’s confidence 
  • Inappropriate backlinks reduce the quality of the backlink profile 
  • Multiple pages with similar target keywords 
  • Duplicate or repetitive content 
  • Ongoing blog content published on Medium instead of the company blog
  • Every blog post with “our blog” as the H1 tag
  • Receiving Google Medic penalization for talking about a sensitive topic online without a clear indication of their expertise 
  • Blog posts without the author’s name led Google to have trust issues with the originality of the content

Google Medic For Rehab Clinics

Content posted on rehab clinic websites is considered a sensitive topic which leads people to make some life-altering decisions. Initially, several people wrote blogs and posted content about addiction treatment online. Now, all this content cannot be genuine and easily misguide people who need help. 

That’s when Google came up with Google Medic in 2018 which is designed to scrutinize such sensitive content. If the content seems unreliable, it will be penalized. 

This step was mainly taken by Google to strike off all the fake, misleading and third-party website providers from the SERPs. 

PR-An Important Factor For Effective SEO

Building good PR means your rehab clinic website will rank and appear at the top of the search results. Google believes that if a website has any unreliable or misleading content, it is fake and can risk anyone’s life, especially in the case of a rehab clinic. If your content is mentioned by other websites, Google will consider it to be a reliable source. It is important to have interlinks with other relevant websites to achieve positive PR and improve your SEO ranking. 

Improve SEO Ranking With Artgro

Having an impactful SEO strategy is what will help your business expand. With Artgro Internet Marketing, you can achieve that. We have a team of expert marketers who can help you with SEO campaigns and lots of other things which are important in making an impactful online presence. Visit us today!