What is ADA compliance?

Mar 10, 2022 | Blog | 0 comments

Even giants like Amazon, Hershey’s and The Wall Street Journal couldn’t be saved from lawsuits related to website accessibility and ADA compliance. There is a growing number of cases where several websites have been at the receiving end of a lawsuit. This emphasizes the focus and importance of ADA compliance of your website. If you are wondering whether your website is ADA compliant or not, you have landed on the right webpage!

What is ADA compliance?

ADA compliance requires you to meet certain norms laid by the Americans With Disabilities Act Standards For Accessible Design. This act emphasizes the accessibility of electronic and information technology.

Which institutions does ADA compliance affect?

Almost every business organization that you can think of needs to follow ADA and that includes the following institutions:

– Companies operating for the public’s benefit

– State and local government agencies

– Private employers with 15 or more employees

What if your website isn’t ADA compliant?

Sooner or later, a non-compliant website is going to pose a problem. If your website isn’t ADA compliant, it can result in lawsuits that would burn a deep hole in your pocket. First-time violators can receive a $55,000-$75,000 fine but repeat violations can shoot up the fine amount to $150,000!

Even if your company can afford to pay such hefty fines, the damaged image of your brand will take a lot of time to recover. When people get to know that your company doesn’t care about serving people with disabilities, it can deeply impact their decisions.

How to make your website ADA compliant?

– In-house team: You can choose to make your website ADA compliant by establishing an in-house team for the same. It isn’t a typical and feasible option as it requires more from your organization.

– Install an ADA compliance plugin: If you have a WordPress site, you can access several ADA compliance plugins like WP Accessibility Helper and Accessibility Suite.

– Hire an ADA-compliant web design agency: If you choose to hire a professional web design agency like ours, you get a fast and trusted solution for updating your site. Instead of shelling a huge amount of money in assembling an in-house team, you can outsource the task to a trusted partner. If your website isn’t ADA-compliant, your business risks hefty fines and severe lawsuits. You can eliminate this risk by hiring an ADA-compliant web design agency.