Why Should Drug Rehab Centers Focus on Link Building for Marketing?

May 5, 2022 | Addiction Treatment Marketing, Blog | 0 comments

SEO might be a popular way to reach the most audience but link building is equally important while marketing drug rehab centers. Google’s algorithms also work based on link popularity. Now, what is link popularity? 

Link popularity is a way by which Google examines how different sites are linked to one another. The quantity, quality and relevance of the links included on your pages determine your rank for targeted pages. 

Types Of Links

There are several types of links including images, texts, widgets and many more but only a few are impactful for your web pages. Let us look at some of the major types of links and whether they make a positive SEO impact or not. 

  • Naked links

These are the general links that navigate you to another page and they have the potential of making a positive SEO impact. 

  • Anchor text links

It is mainly using words and phrases to link to other pages instead of adding a link with www.yourdomainname.com. They too make a good SEO impact. 

  • Reciprocal links

These mainly help you interlink your website with others. You link their page to yours and they will link yours to them. But this does not make a good impact on SEO.

  • Branded links

So this mainly means linking a branded page to your content or simply using the brand name to link your page to the brand’s website. This makes a positive SEO impact. 

  • Do follow links

Using a do-follow link is bound to receive popularity credit, no matter what structured link you use. It has a positive SEO impact. 

  • No follow links

Such links do not receive popularity credit from the page you link it to and from and hence, are not helpful for SEO. 

Link building is extremely important when it comes to drug and alcohol rehab center websites. It helps you take your potential client from one page to another ultimately leading them to the gates of your rehab center.  

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