Why Should You Hire One Agency for SEO and Web Designing in San Antonio: The Advantages

Nov 18, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

In this segmented world, countless companies are offering one specific service, but at some point in time, you will find yourself working with different businesses simultaneously.

But will they all work together? As it is said, too many cooks spoil the broth. Therefore opting for one agency for SEO & web design can eliminate all these troubles.

SEO and web design are different components but always go hand in hand. A single agency specializing in both will ensure a single clear point of contact. A web design agency proficient in the principles of SEO web design eliminates the complexities and headaches in employing different businesses for a specific job.

SEO web design refers to the development and designing of SEO-friendly websites. This means instead of applying SEO on top of the existing site, you will be able to design your website using SEO trends.

The following principles are crucial to SEO web design.

  1. User Engagement

For filtering the best solution to user queries, Google measures the user engagement on the site, i.e., the time spent on the page.

For ensuring high user engagement, the aesthetics and content of the site should be of high quality. A web designer who is also fluent in SEO principles has the upper hand in these scenarios to ensure the site’s overall quality.

  1. Backlinking & Interlinking

Entering into a partnership with other local businesses to increase the number of backlinks to your site is a good option. Have them insert a link to your site on their website and, in return, you provide a link to their site. You can partner with influencers or hire content writers in your field.

Interlinking establishes links to other parts of your website with content for users to find the content of their interest with ease.

  1. Easily Shareable

You should ensure that the social sharing links are prominently and consistently placed throughout your website for continuous traffic on your website.

Web designers expertizing in SEO make sure that these links are in the correct position to encourage social sharing by the customers.

  1. Speed

Everyone hates a slow-loading website. Thus website speed becomes a necessity to pull in regular visitors. A web design containing unnecessary JavaScript will load slower than one that’s free of them. Optimized images will load faster than those that are not.

Web designers acknowledging the importance of speed in SEO will more likely take design decisions ensuring a speedy experience for your visitors.

  1. Navigation

Easy navigation to find the information needed from your site ensures more user engagement which further secures a high SEO ranking since time on site is a key ranking factor for Google and other search engines.


We can safely conclude that SEO and web designing are interlinked thoroughly. Therefore, employing separate firms for a single agency’s job will save time and money, and your business will be free from unwanted complexities and headaches.

We, at Artgro, know it can be quite confusing to understand the nuances of website design and management especially if you are just starting out. This is exactly why you need an experienced team of reliable website designers, SEO experts and developers to help you map your strategies ahead.

Here at Artgro, our experts know what’s best for your business and they ensure exactly that. We cater specifically to the success of your San Antonio and nearby businesses. Your business’ success is our top priority.

So, what are you waiting for? Call us today to know more about our services!